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Inquisitor 19 – Handiwork by Ploy

Posted by petebiddlecombe on May 18th, 2007


Solving time: an hour or so

Approached with trepidation, having downed a convivial pint or two with Ploy at Sloggers and Betters 2, but also having missed the final step in his “Travelling Light” Listener. But this was easy once the penny had dropped. The preamble said: “Each across answer must be modified before grid entry. Definitions of the entries are given by extra words or phrases in each down clue. Across answer/entry pairs might be loosly said to exhibit 5 down.” Well, it quite soon became apparent that each across clue had at least one L or R in it, and that if you swapped all Ls and Rs (i.e. the hands in “Handiwork”) in each one, you got another “Lear Wold”, as we might say. 5D turned out to be ENANTIOMORPHY – a characteristic whereby shapes or objects (like crystals or molecules) are mirror images of each other, with left and right swapped but everything else the same.

Once you got the idea, you just had to keep track of which surplus words in which down clue provided the def. of the entry. Elimination meant that for the last few acrosses solved, there were only a few choices of possible def. And of course, once you found a def., you could then solve the down clue. Or in some cases, you’d solve the down clue, then work out which words were superfluous, and then find the matching across clue. I seem to have lost track of one set of surplus words (36D), but as everything else works I’m confident.

I’ve only explained a few clues, but if you’re stumped by others, feel free to ask…

12 ANGER = REGNA(l)<= – changed to ANGEL, defined at 3D (messenger)
13 RiOt TeAm changed to LOTA, defined at 27 (small pot)
18 MORALITY, changed to MOLARITY / 7 / measure of concentration
23 SCRIMS (I’m cr(o)ss)* – changed to SCLIMS / 29 / climbs
31 COLLECTS – cell<= in Scot* – changed to CORRECTS / 30 / punishes
32 ENLACE – near*,C,E – changed to ENLACE / 8 / entwine
39 RETT – see Rett’s syndrome in C – changed to LETT / 20 / Latvian
2 CAPROIC – C,A,(crop i)* – relating to fatty acids with a goaty smell. “Land” defines ALIGHT at 6A
3 ALLELE – hidden in ‘small elephants’ – using the excess word to split hidden stuff is a classic trick. “messenger” / ANGEL / 12
6 AGGRY – G replaces N in angry. A genuine “-gry” word, meaning W african glass beads. “quick” / RATHE / 6
12 ATRIP = perpendicular (of an anchor drawn from the ground). “continues” / DURES / 33
21 I,SCHEM(I)A. “alkaloid” / PIPERINE / 22
34 S,(po)ET,S = composes, as of a crossword! “iambic trimeter” / 26 / CHOLIAMB

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  1. says:

    Very impressive to fill the grid with so many words that work with the Rs and Ls switched. Good stuff.

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