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Azed 1823 / Outrageous!

Posted by tilsit on May 20th, 2007


Solving Time: around an hour and 15 minutes (in two sittings)

Azed’s Monthly puzzle for May was a Plain puzzle with a short word to clue.

Finding a starting point is sometimes tricky with Azed, although the longer answers are frequently anagrams.  I found this to be the best way in this month. 

This was quite a tough puzzle and took me about half an hour longer than usual. Unfortunately, upon checking the copy I sent in, I
made a transcription error with 25 across. so no chance of an HC this month.

1  KETUBAH Anagram of TAKE HUBBY less BY.
7  ALODS ALS (historical form of AS) with DO (= DITTO) INSIDE
11 RHODYMENIA Def = edible seaweed.  An anagram of HARDY ONE I’M
12 SLAY  Greatly amuse = SLAY.  A in SLY = Cunning
13 DAY COAL Upper mine layer = def.  AY =  always inside A CLOD*
14 SOMONI Currency in Tajikistan = def. SO MONIED = very well off, less ED
17 MINISCULE Trivial, generally frowned upon = def.  MUSIC NEIL*
18 ANENT  in line with = def.   AN ENTRY less RY
19 NUBBIN Underdeveloped ear = def  BIB* inside NUN
21 MITRES Joints = def.  TIRE* inside M S – An excellent clue.
24 NOINT A slightly complex clue that took me a while to work out.
  I think it says that “Oil Paint’s to brush on with NO INT”
25 ATTRAHENS Decriptive of a particular muscle = def.  THAT’S NEAR*
28 ROBOTS SA lights = def  B in ROOTS
30 TIMBALE Mould = def.  LAMB* in TIE
31 GLOW  G + LOW   bloom = def
32 INDIGOFERA Tropicl plants = def.  GOFER in INDIA
34 MAD BRED created with passion = def.  BARD* inside MED     

1  KISS  The word to be clued this month.
2  EFLORNITHINE What restricts mane = def THE FINER LION*  Another nice clue.
3  TRAMPETTE Gym machine = def.  TRAM + PETTE(d)
5  ADDINS Richard Addinsell (Warsaw Concerto)  minus ELL
6  HYALIN ANYCHILD* minus CD   Transparent stuff = def.
7  AMYAS Lowly squire = def E.G mother =  SAY MA (r)
8  LECH  Hidden answer  subtLE CHarms
9  DIALLING TONE  A glorious clue, poss my second favourite of the month.  Help rising  =  AID (R) j  Jazz Great =  (Duke) ELLINGTON moving its first letter to last.  Great stuff!
10 SALIENTS Bits of fortification =  def.  offensive =  ALIEN inside ST S (Stone Square)
16 LAMANTIN Probably the best clue I have seen in a while!  SEA COW = definition    HOMO SAPIENS =  MAN in LATIN –  Outrageous and brilliant!
20 UNNOTED Overlooked = def.  NOUN*  + TED (Teddy Boy – gone from “real life”, but still with us in Crosswordland!)
22 SHALOM HALO in SM (See the old song “Kiss me goodnight, Sergeant Major)
26 ADAGE Saw = def (check for noun) Bill =  AD + AGE
27 IBIS  Wader = Def  IB (abbreviation – ibidem = in the same place) + IS (Island)
29 SWAD  Hick = def.  W in SAD  Nice allusion to Graeme Hick – cricketer in clue!

A splendid puzzle that all Azed fans will have enjoyed.  If you are at a loose end today and have been a bit frightened by those funny looking puzzles with bars, perhaps you should have a go.

Aw…go on, go on, go on……. 

4 Responses to “Azed 1823 / Outrageous!”

  1. says:

    A great puzzle this. Took me roughly the same time. LAMANTIN was the last clues I got, and it took me a while to work out the excellent wordplay. I love the DIALLING TONE clue too. Inspired stuff.

  2. says:

    NOINT I did not understand, so thanks for that, though I was confident enough that I was right from the definition. I think your explanation is right. For better or worse, old enough to understand “Kiss me good-night, Sergeant Major” but think it might have perplexed some.

  3. says:

    I didn’t understand LAMANTIN at all until I sat down to submit my entry, and was about to add a note querying it. Then the penny dropped, and I agree – sheer brilliance.

  4. says:

    Agree fully with the comments above, I didn’t understand “noint” and I can’t clearly remember filling this into the grid despite the puzzle being set only a coulple of weeks ago, alas I may be disqualified from the competition for an error here.
    Lamantin was also my favourite clue, one of Azed’s most inspired, great stuff.

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