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Guardian 24082/Rufus

Posted by linxit on May 21st, 2007


Solving time: about 7 mins.

This was another very easy Monday crossword from Rufus. I liked some of the CDs but had issues with a couple of them (as usual). Still, made a nice change from all the weekend barred crosswords I was doing yesterday!

CD=cryptic definition.

1 GA(RRE=err rev)T
5 HECKLERS – first CD, and not a great one in my opinion. It reminded me of the sort of clues you used to get in cryptics from about 60 years ago.
11 GET THE WIND UP – double definition, but the 2nd requires “wind-up” to be a noun meaning “winding-up order”, which isn’t supported in my dictionary.
18 TIRE – as the Americans spell “tyre”.
20 CLOTHESLINES – I liked this CD, but shouldn’t it be hyphenated?
25 DI(ABET)ES – took too long to get this. I saw help and disease and instantly thought AIDS.

3 RAIN GAUGE – first one I put in. Not enough misdirection for a CD – I thought rain before I thought pets.
5 HIT THE HEAD,LINES – one of my favourite clues in the puzzle because of the good surface reading.
6 CAR,EWORN=owner*
7 LOGAN – a logan is a rocking stone. Shame there was nobody of that name in the Rolling Stones!
12 CANNELLONI – NE inside (local inn)* – another good surface.
16 LIFEBELT – CD, but again I thought safety equipment before SOS message.
21 THUMB – another CD, but I really liked this one. Requires a bit of lateral thinking, which some of the others don’t.

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  1. says:

    Unfortunately, hyphenation in the Guardian is dictated by the overriding editorial style which uses Collins as the yardstick on hyphenation. This applies even to the crosswords. Collins waged a war on the hyphen: sometimes stringing the two halves together (thus, ‘clothesline’ rather than ‘clothes-line’); sometimes splitting the parts into separate words (‘call-note’ becomes call note); and, strangely, splitting unhyphenated words that it presumably deemed were hyphenated (so ‘ballcock’ becomes ‘ball cock’. None of this is helpful in crossword cluing or solving. Write to the editor – I’ve been trying to get it changed for a few years now. (Taupi)

  2. says:

    That’s interesting. There’s a similar (and more annoying) editorial policy in The Times. All numbers are spelt out, so for instance 21 would be “twenty one”. Can you imagine what an Araucaria puzzle would look like if published in the Times (not that that’s ever likely to happen)?!

  3. says:

    Surely The Times problem is only with the online version — the print version seems to use the proper digits. I seem to recall someone explaining (probably PeterB) that the online software got into trouble if a clue number was followed by digits so they decided to use a workaround.

  4. says:

    Couldn’t finish it because of HECKLERS and LOGAN. Both of these dire clues in my opinion.

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