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Independent 6426 by Virgilius – Much ado about Nothing- Nothing

Posted by nmsindy on May 22nd, 2007


Another amazing themed puzzle by this masterly setter.   Every across answer contains two successive Os – except for the first and last, which contain another flourish – in the top one the clue contains “contents of book” i.e. its middle letters oo and the final across entry is SCORELESS DRAWS i.e. 0-0s.     All this achieved with the downs being everyday words.

Solving time:   18 mins, with the theme evident fairly early on.


1 LICENSED TO KILL    James Bond

12 ROOM crazY   Moor reversed.   Othello, the Moor, Shakespeare play.

14 OVERT O (ring) OK (fair)


21 FOOLSCAP   Before metric sizes came in, this was the rough equivalent of A4, though it was bigger.   Draft initially refers to D being written on a dunce’s cap.

25 SHOO(t)S




4 SNAP SHOT   Still = photo


7 IRON OUT   Not a expert in golf, but I think you’d use a driver for the first (tee) shot, then an iron for the second.

8 LEPER   A very pleasingly worded hidden.

9 CHAR COAL   “charr”  “cole”

18 POT (HOOK) S    First reading suggested the other way around, but it’s quite OK.

20 GAL(l) I LEO   “Scientist giving a lot of annoyance to one pope”   An excellent @lit

22 CHOCTAW   Double definition – the first referring to skating.

24 MAINS   “Manes”   Shocks of hair.

5 Responses to “Independent 6426 by Virgilius – Much ado about Nothing- Nothing”

  1. says:

    Another corker from the boy Virgilius. I think I twigged the theme after half a dozen or so across clues. I got 1A almost straight away from the definition and enumeration but couldn’t work out what the wordplay meant so thanks for explaining that.

    Hats off, again.

  2. says:

    What was the clue for 1A? (reading these notes obviously 007 is another OO… but I’d be curious as to the actual clue).

  3. says:

    “Like Bond, as indicated by contents of book” (8,2,4)

  4. says:

    Yes, it’s the OO (or should that be 00?) status that allows for all the murdering.

    014 – to which the answer is traditionally ‘double agent’ – would, presumably, only be licensed to half-kill us.

  5. says:

    Thanks for that clarification, Paul B. As one not too deeply into the Bond books and films, I’d a niggling suspicion something like that was involved.

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