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Independent on Sunday 901 by Quixote

Posted by nmsindy on 24th May 2007


No major problems with this.

Solving time: 13 mins

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Independent 6428/Math

Posted by neildubya on 24th May 2007

10 ORATE – the muse for love poetry is Erato so you switch the E and O round to get ORATE.
12 EARLY BIRD – I didn’t know what an “archaeopteryx” was but I had E????I?D filled in so took a chance that it might have been some sort of pre-historic bird and that the clue was a CD (or is it a double-defintion? Or even a cryptic double-definition? Answers on a postcard please).
16 O,U,T,DO – the definition “better” does seem to stick out a bit.
17 (PLANE IS ON EDGE OR)* – this is excellent. The surface reading is very smooth and misleading and the definition (“one who’s getting on”) is very well-hidden.
21 RIVALLING – only just twigged how this works. “8 goal draw” is IV ALL (that is, 4-4 or 4 ALL) and arena is RING.
25 DR,ESS – nothing to do with global positioning satellites. G.P is DR and S is ESS.
27 C,O, PE in ORATE – “Charlie and Oscar” refers to the NATO alphabet letters.
1 S AND I,EG,O – “leaders from Staten Island” are S AND I. Nice clue.
2 IPECAC – a new word to me and the last one I filled in. “22 destroyed” indicates an anagram of 22 (which is ICECAP). With ?P?C?C I had to decide where to scatter the vowels and, to be honest, APECIC and EPACIC both looked pretty convincing to me (IPACEC less so, for some reason). After a couple of minutes mulling it over I thought “Sod it, I’ll aks Google”.In case you’re wondering, it’s an emetic or purgative.
3 NED<,Y – 20A and 20D are REBUT and REFUSE, both of which can mean DENY.
6 (POOL MAINLY)* – POLYNOMIAL. I think I got this by knowing that -NOMIAL words are usually maths-related.
7 H in (NOT MALI)* – I didn’t know that HAMILTON was the capital of Bermuda but the anagram sort of leapt out at me. The clue doesn’t really make sense though – how can the capital of one country become the capital of another?
14 LIGHTS,PEED – Monk used “weed” in a similar way in last Saturday’s puzzle.
18 IAN in ROBED (going up) – nice smooth surface reading.

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Guardian 24,085 – Araucaria – always a pleasure

Posted by loonapick on 24th May 2007


When I opened the Guardian website today to see whose puzzle I’d be blogging, I had that familair sense of unease that comes from seeing the name “Araucaria”. Don’t get me wrong – I love his puzzles, and I can forgive his non-Ximenean style because he is fun to solve. My unease comes form the fact that Araucaria puzzles tend to be that litle bit harder, and the last thing you want to do is admit defeat when you are blogging. Thankfully, with the help of on a couple of occasions and Google to check some of my answers, I did manage to complete it (took about 35 minutes).

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