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Guardian 24,086, Logodaedalus: Well-tempered Upsetters

Posted by michod on May 25th, 2007


Pretty simple fare for a Friday, took me just over 10 mins, with a high proportion of clues solving more or less at first look. Wordplay mostly straightforward, apart from 1ac (see below) and 20 down, which I can’t quite explain.


1. COMPENSATION. STOP AN INCOME*. I see the idea, but I’m not keen on the anagram indication here. As I read it, if your income is stopped ‘like this’, i.e. by being anagrammed, then you are entitled to compensation. But bearing in mind the plethora of ways we indication anagrams, it seems a bit of a leap to say that being anagrammed automatically means a process deserving compo. What do others think?

11. STEPHEN. HE SPENT*. Ref novelist Stephen King, not King Stephen.

13. CO(ST)S. Well it wasn’t going to be a romaine heart, was it?

16. UP SETTERS. Makes a change to see the dog, not the crossword compiler used. Sadly no ref to Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’s original 70s reggae band.

19.  REBUT (TUBER<). Shoule be ‘potato, say’, really, but the clue wouldn’t work so simply.

21. TAR GETS. Neat.

25. (sev)ENTH RAL(ly).

26. WELL TEMPERED. I don’t know my Bach much better than the work of the Upsetters, but even I knew this one instantly.


2. (s)MOOCHES. ‘Can begin’ seems redundant.

3. EGLANTINE. IN A GENTLE*. Wild misleads you to look for an anagram earlier.

4. STA FF. FF ATS<. ATS was the Auxiliary Territorial service during WW2, FF means following, and all is reversed, relying on ‘retreats’ being used transitively (is that OK?).

5. TRANSIT. TRISTAN*. Anag indicator seems lacking, but as with the Bach, the definition makes it one that if you know it, you know it straight away.  

6. O PER ANT. term in psycholgoy defined by Chambers thus: “behaviour that is spontaneous as opposed to being a response to stimulus”.

10. DEMON ST(R)ABLE. The paper version reads ‘… among the racehorses horses’, which looks like an editing error – replacement word added without deleting original.

17. S(URN)AME. Good word division with a more cryptic definition than most here.

18. THE VEI L. THIEVE*, L. More usually referring to the hijab now, ‘the veil’ is, I believe, a way of referrring to a nun’s vocation.

20. B LURRE D. I see the bishop and the daughter, but what’s the rest of this about?


4 Responses to “Guardian 24,086, Logodaedalus: Well-tempered Upsetters”

  1. says:

    20D: bit of misdirction since B isn’t Bishop for once: it’s BLU(RR)E,D

  2. says:

    Thanks, that makes sense.

  3. says:

    Yes 10dn has too many horses

  4. says:

    I agree that ‘like this’ is a dodgy anagram indicator. I can see a certain logic in ‘not like this’ though

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