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Guardian 24,081 (Sat 19 May)/Araucaria – Know-how

Posted by rightback on May 26th, 2007


Solving time: 20 mins, Chambers for 18ac and 19dn.

Three monster clues (six or seven words each) in this puzzle, two of them linked, but easier than usual to get without lots of checking letters. Clarification on 13dn would be welcome.

* = anagram, “X” = sounds like ‘X’.

1 CAT + A TONIC (= ‘cheering’)
6/9 I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO THINK; (A DON WITH KNOT WITH KNOT)* – my first entry, but it took about 2 minutes to unravel the anagram properly. I initially started to write ‘I don’t know about that’ and then got bogged down in working out which words were in the anagram.
11 H + OK + K(AID)O – Hokkaido is the northernmost of Japan’s four island groups.
14 SUPERGLUE; SU[nday] + (PURE GEL)*
15 S(ER + V)O – a Mars bar (without rennet) for the first person to explain the surface reading of this clue.
18 CELANDINE; “SELL AND DINE” – this, this or this. My last entry, for which I needed a dictionary thanks to an error in 19dn.
25 IN + SUB (rev. of BUS) + ORDINATION – the wordplay here (‘Church business done in back of bus’) is very loose.
27 END + U + RANCE – apparently the Rance River was the site of the world’s first tidal energy generator.
1 C(UK)OR – George Cukor was an American film director. My iterations here included ‘Wukow’, ‘Gukee’, ‘Oukoh’ and (most pleasingly) ‘Cukoo’.
2 T(ROLL)OP – fantastic clue, with ‘fast’ in the sense of ‘promiscuous’.
3 T + OWN
4/21 NEAR + MISS
5 CITRONELLA; (COLLAR’N’TIE)* – the definition seemed to be ‘with oil’ so I was looking for an adjective ending ‘-ic’, but I should be wise to superfluous link words in the Guardian by now.
6/8 [wh]ITTAKE[r] + SON + E + TO + KNOW(ON)E
7 O + LIVI[d]ER – the Olivier Theatre turns out to be one of the three stages at London’s National Theatre.
12 PRO(FIT + AB)LE – ‘prole’ short for ‘proletariat’.
13 BLACK HORSE; (CHALK SOBER)* – I don’t really understand “…it should be white” in the clue – some reference to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, I think.
14/20 /16ac SET A THIEF TO CATCH A THIEF (“nicker”) – the first word here (‘get’? ‘put’?) held me up.
19 IR(IDI)AN – bizarrely I entered OM(IDI)AN here, thinking of ‘ommatidium‘. I think subconsciously I discounted the possibility of there being more than one country of the form ??AN.
22/10 SINCE + RELY – ‘after writing’ as in ‘Yours sincerely’.
24/23 FA(IR + WIN)D – “When a man does not know what harbour he is aiming for, no wind is a fair wind” (Seneca)

4 Responses to “Guardian 24,081 (Sat 19 May)/Araucaria – Know-how”

  1. says:

    For those wishing to claim the Mars (r) bar, here is 15 across in full:
    Mechanism “Queen versus …” thus getting around (5)

    I am not – at this time – putting forward my own explanation. In the future …

  2. says:

    13 across. I thought this was something to do with White Horse whisky.

  3. says:

    15 Ac : Definition : Mechanism = Servo (motor). Subsidiary : ER V (Queen versus) with S…O (Thus) on the ends (getting around)

    13 Ac : The horse should be white because of being in chalk like the hillside figures (e.g. Uffington).


  4. says:

    13ac – White Horse whisky explains all, thanks Alan. (I’m not so sure the hillside horse reading was intended, though it’s a plausible alternative interpretation.)

    15ac – the cryptic reading is explained above so no Mars Bar for that! It’s the surface reading that intrigued me (i.e. the meaning of the “sentence” if it were to appear outside a crossword).

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