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Everyman 3164/am I over the hill?

Posted by ilancaron on May 27th, 2007


Solving time: 30’

Good solid wordplay – no quibbles and a reminder that I really must pay more attention to Sean Connery’s films if I’m to continue my relationship with Everyman.


1 CA(C)T,US – My last clue with well-disguised wordplay and definition: “plant, succulent one” (succulence isn’t something I typically associate with cacti). Note that “American” is US but cleverly overlaps the definition since the CACTUS is a N. American plant.
9 CU,RATE – Doing this without a dictionary so I’m going to guess that the definition “assistant barman in Ireland” is in fact an alternate (ironic?) definition.
11 AS(FOLLOW)S – Jenny’s a female ASS.
13 HO(B[ar])BS – Jack HOBBS is another cricketer to join the cricket trivia pantheon. HOB is a kind of gnomish hobgoblin type so I suppose a “lout” as well.
14 OVER, THE HILL – Everyman must really like this film: it was used recently to clue Harrow-on-the-Hill as well. I’ve never seen it but at least I recognize it now. Note how the definition is just “old” (again clever overlap of definition with the cryptic encoding since “The Hill” indeed is an old (1965) Connery film.
21 A,LIE,N – Only four bridge players to choose from (like compass points).
22 DER,RINGER – named after Henry Deringer (sic) a US gun manufacturer.
25 P(AN)A,MA


1 COCK.AT,O,O – two “cricket” ducks are O,O.
3 UN,TIL=rev(“lit”) – “one Parisian” is UN (while one Parisienne would be UNE).
6 SEI WHALES – (while sea’s)* — you get to know your WHALES if you live in the Pacific Northwest.
7 GA(TSB)Y – I was sure about GAY and Jay GATSBY and turns out that TSB is part of Lloyds bank.
8 NUDIST – I suppose an anag &lit: (in dust)*, if you consider that a NUDIST probably gets pretty dusty, all over.
12 OPEN-AND-SHUT – Amusing double/cryptic def for what attaché cases do!
15 TOCANTINS – (cantons it’s)* – I was sure this was an anagram – but had to wikitrawl to work out which Brazilian state was being referred to.
17 STAR(WAR)S – rev(raw=”green”) in STARS. Another film…
19 MAD,CA,P – when I left England (as a boy years and years ago), MAD never meant “angry”, only crazy. When did this shift to the Americanism happen?
20,23 MIRROR, I,MAG,E – The Daily MIRROR is our “newspaper”, MAG’s our “magazine” and the whole thing defines a “reflection”.

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  1. says:

    A curate really is ‘an assistant barman’ in Ireland.

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