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Guardian 24088/Rufus

Posted by linxit on 28th May 2007


Solving time 11:05

Well, surprise surprise! A Rufus puzzle with only a couple of (good) cryptic definitions, and overall a great set of clues with excellent surface readings throughout. Rufus has complained in the past that we give him a “weekly bashing”, but I thoroughly enjoyed solving this and don’t have anything to grumble about (well OK, 18dn should be hyphenated).

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Independent 6431 Tees / A Mixed Bag

Posted by tilsit on 28th May 2007


soLVING TIME:  1 hr  5 mins  (with a couple of hints).
Whether it is the sandblasting doses of antibiotics I am mainlining or that I am being especially thick today, but I found this a bit of a struggle.  Some good solid cluing, although if I see 23 across again,
I shall probably do something I’ll regret.  Liked 17 /7 (appropriate for today) and as usual a nice scattering of cultural references.  Didn’t enjoy it as much as Tees’ last puzzle for some reason; had a feeling of déjá vu with a couple of clues.
ACROSS   (* = anagram, (R) = Reversed   CD= Cryptic definition)

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