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Guardian 24088/Rufus

Posted by linxit on May 28th, 2007


Solving time 11:05

Well, surprise surprise! A Rufus puzzle with only a couple of (good) cryptic definitions, and overall a great set of clues with excellent surface readings throughout. Rufus has complained in the past that we give him a “weekly bashing”, but I thoroughly enjoyed solving this and don’t have anything to grumble about (well OK, 18dn should be hyphenated).

10 ROOKS – I liked this CD, as it’s a well-known phrase in its own right meaning something else entirely. I have a question for any chess experts though – why, if the correct name for the castle-shaped piece is a rook, is switching it with the King called “castling”?
12 INCITED – “inn sighted”
13 R(HE)UM – nice to see this clued without a homophone for a change, and reminded me of the Israeli ambassador to El Salvador who was in the news recently. Heh!
16 LET ONE’S HAIR DOWN (island, nowhere to)* – hard to spot the anagram fodder in this one (and took me a while to spot that it was an anagram clue).
19 A,L,LEVI,AT,(servic)E
22 V(IV)ALDI – quartet (IV) inside valid*
23 EMPIRIC – double definition, one of which (charlatan) I didn’t know.
24 LISTS – great clue. The Lists is another name for a jousting arena.
1 CINDERELLA – (recalled in)*
5 STRIP(TEAS)E – I liked “taking off show” as the definition, although it took me far too long to spot it.
15 DINING CARS – another good cryptic definition. Sent me in the wrong direction until I had a few crossing letters anyway.
17 NOVELIST (television – i.e.)*
18 ON,STREAM – I thought file=stream was a bit loose but just about acceptable.
21 TOP,DOG – as usual if “boxer” is in the clue it’s 99% certain that it’s a dog!
22 VALE – double def., one of which is Latin for goodbye.

5 Responses to “Guardian 24088/Rufus”

  1. says:

    Two points.
    My comment re “weekly bashing” was done tongue in cheek and doesn’t indicate I am upset by constructive criticism. As an ex magician I suffered worse. One is unlikely to please all the people all the time and everyone is entitled to his or her opinion.
    “18 down should be hyphenated” – Taupi has altready kindly explained that hyphenation is changed to the Guardian style. As a matter of interest this is the 4th time my hyphenation suffered changes in editing and the results commented upon by the hardworking bloggers, but there is no right or wrong hyphenation set in stone and the editor has every right to follow different guidelines.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. says:

    Just have to second Andy’s comments here – I enjoyed this a lot, especially ROOKS and DINING-CARS.

  3. says:

    I still don’t get “dining cars”…

  4. says:

    ‘Fast’ as in to not eat.

    And chess players don’t say ‘rooking’ because it sounds rude.

    I don’t get why ‘ambassador’ is ‘he’?

    Nor where ‘friends’ is in 11ac.

  5. says:

    HE = “His Excellency”, a standard crossword device for ambassador.

    11ac is D,ALLIES

    Thanks for the explanation about rooking, I wondered if that was the reason.

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