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Independent 6435/Bannsider – Sergeant Pepper’s 40!

Posted by bensand on 1st June 2007


I remembered slightly late in the day that it was my blog today and dashed out for the paper. I’m not sure Bannsider sits well with having had a few drinks at lunchtime! Some compilers maybe but Bannsider uses very tricky wordplay and there’s definitely scope here for people to enlighten me about what’s going on. It’s a fine crossword for sure but a bit of a struggle for me today!

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Guardian 24,092/Quantum

Posted by loonapick on 1st June 2007


This puzzle is dominated by four long down entries. Once you have solved them, the rest of the answers become much easier to fathom out. It was generally fair, and there are some very good surfaces among the clues. Possibly due to the restricted options available to the setter once he had the four long down answers in place, some of the words used are not common (eg DOWERS, TITI, TRECENTO, LYCOPODIUM), but that’s part of the fun of cruciverbalism – the opportuntiy to extend one’s vocabulary.

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Inquisitor 21 / Phi – Spooner strikes back

Posted by petebiddlecombe on 1st June 2007


Solving time: 36 minutes

A simple but original gimmick and fairly easy clues to non-theme words combined to make this a quick but still entertaining solve. Experience of Azed’s Spoonerism puzzles also helped to speed things up.

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