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Azed 1,826: obscure names and words

Posted by michod on June 2nd, 2007


I actually finished the last couple of words (SOARE and EXORDIA)around 11am on Saturday, so could have made it to the post with this, but I couldn’t quite bear to part with it. The reason being the clue competition Prizewinners’ panel on the right, which has my name and address for only the second time ever. And the book tokens have already arrived! Anyway, to the puzzle – I’d say it was on the hard side for a plain Azed, but satisfying.


1. APPLE KNOCKER. I got ‘knocker’ first, and guessed ‘apple’ from checking letters, but C confirms Jonathan to be a kind of apple.

10. COR(ONIU)M. I was convinced there was an anagram of ‘stem’ around one of ‘unio’, and put in ESTONIUM, which I hypothesised as an element close to polonium. But this one is in Chambers.

13. NO (JO)Y. Jo is a Scots sweetheart well known to Scrabblers, noy is to annoy in Spenser.

14. SO(A)RE. A young hawk, or a four-year old buck. I took a while to get from ‘touchy’ to ‘sore’.

15. T(ENUT)O S. Good surface, tricky wordplay. I thought ‘SOP’ might work as an abbreviation for sporano, but in fact ‘for soprano’ = ‘TO S.’, with TUNE backwards in it. 

 16. YA(L)D. Day for time is a little woolly, but it’s a good word.

17. ORATE (ERATO). Interestingly, ‘orate’ as a verb in C is only in this sense of to harangue, not how I would think of it at all.

19. STISHI E. IS THIS*. Lovely clue (and no, I’m not Scottish, I just like it).

24. HUM A ‘N. Clue to everyday word managing to incorporate a more unusual one.

26. SAMA. Hidden.

29. C(ORNIS)T.

31. DO ORB<. Good simple stuff.

34. BULLY BOY (YOB<). Trouble being that ‘yob’ was coined as a reversal of boy, so doesn’t have the sense of accident I like with wordplay.

35. EXTRASENSORY. SORRY ANTE SEX*. I think Azed enjoyed this one!


2. POM O. I was slow to get this one, and it’s not how I normally think of postmodernism, but maybe the term’s become corrupted.

3. P(RAJ)NA. (JAR< in PAN). One of the reason’s I had problems with this corner – as unlikely a word as you’ll find. Unless you’re a Buddhist.

4. LO(GO)UTS. Vey nice definition – ‘they involve leaving servers’.

5. NU(DIS)T.

9. EX(ORDI)A. Very clever and misleading.’ To chop up’ is AXE<, with I R(e)DO* inside. But ‘lazily’ as an A.I? Would a lazy word be bothered to rearrange its letters?


11. P(RESENT D)AY. Good clue.

18. RESEAUX. (AXE USER*). Also used for networks in french.

20. S(UNR)AY S. E.g. here giving ‘say’.

22. A C(O)RUS. A ‘crus’ is a leg-like structure, believe it or not.

23. RODALE. ORDEAL*. This, I take it, is the obscure name Azed apologised for in the postamble. Apparently a pioneer of the organic movement and founder of a company bearing his name. New to me.

25. M(I)O(MB)O. Two bits of things dumped in moo (low).

27. AL(IS)T. So ‘alt’, must be ‘a lofty mood, one assumes. Why exactly?

28. MALAR. I think I understood this when I did it, but I can’t remember the explanation now! Ah, of course – MALARKEY without the key – it’s not musical.


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  1. says:

    Congrats on the top 3 finish Mick. I managed a VHC for my clue which was a pleasant surprise.

    Didn’t have as much luck with the puzzle and ended up 4 or 5 clues short!


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