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Everyman 3165/record time

Posted by ilancaron on June 3rd, 2007


Solving time: 12’

Fastest solve for me ever – I think. Even managed to spell AUF WIEDERSEHEN correctly the first time. I recognized SHREVEPORT pretty quickly as well probably because it figured as a minor actor in the New Orleans debacle a couple of years ago. And “criminal” cropped up here again as an adjectival anagram indicator.


1 S(H,REVE)PORT – it’s in Louisiana (what’s left of it) and it’s rev(ever=always) in SPORT for “play”.
11 YESTERDAY – two meanings: I think of e.g. Cole Porter songs as “standards” but of course most Lennon-McCartney compositions qualify.
12 TEQUILA SUNRISE – (Qualities nurse)* – just the thing to have for breakfast on your Caribbean Club Med holiday.
16 GRENADE – enraged* — easy word to clue since lends itself to anagramification. Note how “criminal” plays the (non-nounal!) role of anagrind in the cryptic reading.
19 CATC[h]ALL – my 2nd to last clue: not particularly hard but, in general, subtraction clues tend to be more challenging: in this case, I wasn’t sure if it was L (for “left”) or H “hospital”) that was to be removed.
21 AUF WIEDERSEHEN – (In here, a few used)* — German au revoir. Fell at first glance for some reason.
23 SACRAMENT[o] – another American city.
24 LAPS,[orangead]E – incidentally also a homophone of LAPS…
25 SASH – hidden in “ArkanSAS (Harrison)” — I actually thought of “The Traveling Wilburys” when I saw this – probably unintended.


2 R,ANGERS – ref. Glasgow RANGERS among others. Does Everyman have a soft spot for all things Scottish (e.g. certainly likes Sean Connery)?
3 VENTURE, CAPITAL – a double/cryptic def. Paris is just an example of a capital city – would have worked with any other I suppose (but wouldn’t have been as surprising perhaps since Paris isn’t really a center of hi-tech investment).
4 P.H.,YLLIS=rev(silly) – PH for “public house” (actually, local) tripped me up in another puzzle recently.
8 CLYDE,SDALE=leads* – the nice thing about this clue is that “straying carthorse” has one thinking about orchestras.
9 PENNY=our “girl”, IN-THE-SLOT=(thin stole)* – this must be ref. one-armed “bandits”, i.e. slot machines where one wastes all ones pennies and larger denominations.
13 SPY,GLASSES – “schooners” are usefully both drinking and sailing vessels. Both meanings hinted at in this clue.
18 ENDLESS – two meanings
19 CUR,ATOR=rev(rota=”cycle”) – my last clue. I couldn’t stop thinking about a gamekeeper which I’m sure was the setter’s intent.
20 A,DELPHI=(I’d help)* – well-known West End theatre.
22 MERE – two meanings

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