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Independent 6437/Morph

Posted by bensand on June 4th, 2007


I think this is an easier crossword than Morph’s previous Independent crosswords, it’s certainly the quickest I’ve solved a Morph! That’s not a criticism though as it’s thoroughly fair and characteristically entertaining. Anyway, having blogged Friday’s Bannsider I was due a gentler one!

4 SMOCKING – S + MOCKING. I had to check that smocking was a type of needlework but I was pretty confident anyway
9 GIBING – GI BING (Crosby)
13 BROWSE – sounds like (eye)BROWS
15 TELEPHONE BOX – TELEPHONE is ring and BOX is what you might do in a ring
18 MORNING GLORY – Very concise clue resting on Am for morning
22 COCA COLA – CO + CA and CO + LA. The definition of global liquid asset made me laugh
25 BIKINI – Cryptic definition.
26 NINETEEN – (TEN IN) <= + E(V)EN. I couldn’t make anything of this when I first looked, partly from trying to involve magnolia, but next time I looked I had all the letters so it was only a question of explanation!
3 CONTEMPT OF COURT – very entertaining again and a surface as true as Wimbledon’s finest
6 CENTRE OF GRAVITY – V is the central letter of gravity and the base of a V shape would be it’s centre of gravity. At least that’s how I think it works although I’m surer about the first part than the second
7 IN-LAWS – Hood being the most famous of outlaws
19 OPTION – POTION with PO turned
20 GLUTEN – (H)UT in GLEN. Not a word I knew until a grandfather  (but not the one I have in common with Morph!) was diagnosed as a coeliac

2 Responses to “Independent 6437/Morph”

  1. says:

    “CENTRE OF GRAVITY – V is the central letter of gravity and the base of a V shape would be it’s centre of gravity.”

    …Its centre of gravity…

  2. says:

    Hmm – as an erstwhile physicist I’m not sure that’s quite right! Enjoyed the puzzle though.

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