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Independent 6438 by Punk

Posted by nmsindy on June 5th, 2007


Not too difficult.

Solving time: 19 mins

* = anagram


1 S (TRAP PAD) O Pad = tread = tramp thus = so

9 AM OUR AM = “after which PM” electorate = our

10 RO (TATA B)LE Role =position

11 KNAVE 17 is CARD Double definition

12 FIT TO DROP Definition is “all in” (tired) fit = attack

13 NIGH ToGs (odd bits) OWN = personal

17 CARD Double definition card = character = original

19 SPIDERMAN Cryptic definition (No!)- fictional superhero   (Thanks, Robin, below for explaining there is more to this – “Throw a web out of his skin, could he?”   Very clever, actually.)

23 R (AB) AT Capital of Morocco

25 OVERMATCH (vote charm)* US usage as indicated in clue

27 HE-MAN Name h reversed

29 EX PENS I’VE Punk’s taken = I have = I’ve


2 RIO JA Rio de Janeiro and yes in German



7 AR (BORE rooT) UM

8 EXE M PT Exe = runner (river)

12 FROG SPITTLE (get split for)* My last entry

14 G R ACE LESS 17 is CARD

20 EAR THEN Lend me your ears

21 A (answer) CROSS This is a down clue.

24 B AMBI(t) Disney’s animated deer.

3 Responses to “Independent 6438 by Punk”

  1. says:

    Surely 19 is a bit more than a cryptic def? SPI(DERMA)N? Nice puzzle, though a two-pinter for me!

  2. says:

    Agree on SPIDERMAN, Robin. Nicely written puzzle, all in all.

  3. says:

    Forgot to say – 6 22, ho ho.

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