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Financial Times 12477 by Cinephile

Posted by smiffy on 6th June 2007


As is the case with his Guardian puzzles, Cinephile (aka Araucaria) often includes a thematic element or array in his FT publications. This particular puzzle was made slightly less tractable than usual by the absence – in my edition of the paper at least – of any rubric to denote that the bracketed numbers in several clues were thematic shorthand and not merely misprints (the fact that 25a contained a genuine, but obvious, typo didn’t help in that regard).  However, I soon rumbled 23d (6)=(JUNta), and thereafter the theme (numerics equating to abbreviated names of months) actually helped to accelerate the solving process overall.  So somewhat relieved that, despite an initial minute or so of fear, my blogging debut did not require any black-belt solving skills.

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Independent 6439 by Dac

Posted by nmsindy on 6th June 2007


The usual excellent, accessible, entertaining, fare.

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Guardian 24096/Auster

Posted by neildubya on 6th June 2007


This wasn’t too tricky but there were a few answers that I don’t fully understand – explanations/corrections welcome. Read the rest of this entry »

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Guardian 24095/Gordius

Posted by linxit on 6th June 2007


I was too busy at work yesterday to finish the puzzle, so I completed it when I got home, only to find that my ADSL connection was down. It didn’t come back up until gone midnight, so here I am back at work hoping for a quieter morning to get this done quickly!

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