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Financial Times 12478/Jason

Posted by neildubya on June 7th, 2007


A very enjoyable puzzle from Jason with a few top-notch clues and a couple of nice ideas. Not too tricky either.

12 ETERNAL – I don’t think I’ve ever seen this done before. The full clue is “The first seven points in real tennis could become interminable” – which means an anagram (“could become”) of REAL TENnis. Nice idea, nice clue.
17 FOR, T(herap)Y
21 (BLASTED ROOM)* – the FT crossword has to account for the fact that the paper has a wide overseas distribution and, therefore, a potentially large number of overseas solvers. So I was surprised to see “the claret” in this clue as I thought it was a piece of British slang – maybe not.
25 AV in A,QUIT – “a couple from Avignon” for AV, is perhaps a bit loose but I think it’s fair enough.
1 CHANCE – replace the G in CHANGE with C
2 A, F in SKATER
3 (PLY DOE DEER)* – REDEPLOYED. I guess this is right but I’m not about the definition part of the clue: “As this or that could be!”
5 O, T in SENSIBLE – nicely hidden definition (“seeming”).
15 TEMPTATION – I liked this one. The Lord’s Prayer has the line “Led us not into temptation”…
20 (LONG)* in A KIN – which I guess is an alternate spelling of “Algonquin”
22 E in OU, (REV)* – OEUVRE doesn’t look like a promising word to clue so I think Jason does well here.
24 T, RAVEL – that’s RAVEL of “Bolero” fame.

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  1. says:

    REDEPLOYED – I thought about this. I think what’s intended is “this” is definition (being helped by other elements of the clue of course) and that (ply doe deer) could be – meaning “redeployed” is also an anagram indicator.
    Couple from AVIGNON is just fine for me for AV, as the number is precisely specified and it’s the first two letters (agree there’s a touch of convention there).
    Dicts confirm ALGONKIN

  2. says:

    didn’t do this puzzle — but I’ve never noticed the byline Jason before — someone new?

  3. says:

    I thought this one was one of the most entertaining puzzles in the FT for quite a while.
    My Nina antennae (Nintennae?) were triggered by an early appearance of CA???TTA in the unches along the top of the grid, which I thought might turn out to be Calcutta. The actual outcome (Carlotta) seems like it could be an obscure name reference, but must be just an unintentionally random letter-mix.

  4. says:

    Ilan – we take the FT at work (our trade rag), and I think Jason has been on the team for quite a while. A very nice puzzle today, which ‘The Team’ rattled off in 15.

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