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Guardian 24097, Araucaria — musical melange

Posted by jetdoc on June 7th, 2007


A typical Araucaria puzzle — a mini-theme, classical references, multi-word answers and clues referring to other clues. Quite entertaining, provided you’re not too much of a purist.

1 BIGOTRIES — Omega = big O + TRIES
6 ALAS — a lass -S
11 PAVAROTTI — I knew this had to be Pavarotti, and wouldn’t have bothered too much with the wordplay on a non-blog day. The Roman satirist is Varro (presumably Varro Atacinus rather than his contemporary, Varro Reatinus). ‘Singer’ is the definition, so that must leave ‘patti’ for the ‘coloratura’ part, but I don’t know how it works. (Patti Smith springs to my mind, but seems a little incongruous in this company.)
12 TANTARA — hidden word, with the indicator being the ‘in’ part of ‘inconstant’. I suspect this is not at all Ximenean, but I quite like it.
13 RAMBERT — RT (right) about AMBER (the middle traffic light)
14 NOT IN THE LEAST — NO TINT HE then LEST containing A
17, 1d TWO TENORS AND A BARITONE — reference to the three singers at 11a, 21a and 16d. TWO TEN OR SANDA (Sandra -r) BAR I *(note)
21 DOMINGO — a domino is a type of cloak, G is a note.
24 SHORT TIME — MITT< in SHORE. Chambers defines this as ‘working fewer than the normal number of hours per week’, which is 40 for some people. (And I would have said ‘less than’, time being a continuous variable.)
25 OWNER — N in OWER, defined by ‘I have’.
26 NEED — “knead”.
27 THERSITES — easy to work out from the wordplay, even if you’re not familiar with the name. Thersites was a soldier in the Greek army in the Trojan war, and appears as a character in Troilus and Cressida.
2 GAVIN — GAIN round V. Chambers says Gavin is a Welsh name, perhaps meaning ‘white hawk’.
3 TERRA INCOGNITA — *(integration + RC)
4 IMPEACH — IMP (‘monkey’ in the sense of mischievous child) + EACH.
5 SEVERAL — *(leavers).
7 LYTTELTON — reference to the baronetcy and the ever-wonderful Humph. I’m not sure where the ‘John’ fits in, but doubtless someone will enlighten me.
8 SHIFTY — 1 FT (foot) in SHY.
9 GRAMMAR SCHOOLS — *(logos) about RAM MARS CH. ‘Select affairs’ seems a slightly dodgy definition, but forgivable.
15 TOTEM POLE — TO TEMPLE outside O.
16 CARRERAS — CARRIER minus i + AS
18 EGOTIST — E GOT IS T(on), the ’vulgarly’ referring to the dropped h’s.
19 OBSCENE — OB (obit) on SCENE. ‘Not very nice’ is a slightly sardonic definition.
23 MONET — a lot of ‘money’ plus the usual T for ‘model’.

4 Responses to “Guardian 24097, Araucaria — musical melange”

  1. says:

    I took Patti to be Adelina Patti (1843-1919)

  2. says:

    John is Elton, surely, after removing the ‘on’ from Lord Lytton

  3. says:

    Thanks, Conrad. I had never heard of (or don’t remember having heard of) Adelina Patti, but I really should have spotted Elton John.

  4. says:

    Thank you Conrad for the Patti definition. I too arrived at the solution without really understanding the elements.

    A really super puzzle from the great man.

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