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Independent on Sunday 903 by Quixote

Posted by nmsindy on June 7th, 2007


In a relaunch of the paper this has been moved from the inside back page – on P 75 of 96 this week.

Solving time: 15 mins – held up by 18/7 Down and 24 Across which intersected

* = anagram


7 L ((left) ARCHE(r)S BBC serial “everyday story of country folk”

9 CASHBACK Nice cryptic definition. Bread = money

13 TITUS OATES (at outset is)*

14 SEVEN-YEAR-ITCH (severe Cynthia)* A play and later a film from the 1950s, starring Marilyn Munroe

20 (t)RAMP

21 FOURTH “forth” After gold, silver and bronze.

22 GOING S ON The parable of the Prodigal Son (New Testament)

24 D (I OX) ANE



2 Annie BESANT (absent)* Social reformer (1847-1933)

8 S OUSE Duck in the sense of put in liquid

15 NAILHEAD The less common meaning of boss

18/7D “Do everything possible to ignore a feeling of emptiness and enjoy a novel” (5,4,3,6)

This was cleverly disguised as I’m sure I was not alone looking for a title of a novel with four words in it. But it’s A VOID LIKE THE PLAGUE, The Plague being a novel by Albert Camus.

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