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Guardian 24,098 – Chifonie/a few minutes’ work

Posted by loonapick on June 8th, 2007


Chifonie’s puzzles tend to be fair and on the easier side. This one was no exception (solved in about 7 minutes), although I can’t work out the wordplay for 8dn, so if anyone can point me in the right direction I’d be grateful.



9 LOO(SE)N – where SE = “Kent” (South East of England)

11 IMPORT(UN)ER – to importune is to solicit or make inappropriate approaches, so I suppose a pimp could be an importuner.

14 LAND-SEER – Sir Edwin Landseer, painter of “The Monarch of the Glen”. Sibyl was one of a number of ancient prophetesses.

20 THI(RD-MA)N – In cricket, a fielding position behind the bat on the off-side. Having spent the week in Vienna, the setting of the movie “The Third Man”, I may have wanted to clue this differently.


25 AC-CORD – I don’t like the use of Bill (with a capital) here, but that’s just the pedant in me – I’d have preferred Bill to have been the first word of the clue to remove the clumsiness of the capitalisation.


3 AGEIST – (gate is)*

4 F(L’OR)ENCE – is “in Italy” enough of a definition? I think it’s OK here because the wordplay is very easy

5 R(O-GUEST)ATE – liked this clue – clever wordplay.

8 TIPPLE – ?

13 ASPIRATION – (Parisian to)*



22 D-E-TEST – a test is an international match in certain sports – cricket and rugby particularly

7 Responses to “Guardian 24,098 – Chifonie/a few minutes’ work”

  1. says:

    A cricketing comment I have to make. Third man is on the off side.

  2. says:


    Thanks, I did know that, being a player myself. Have now changed the original.

  3. says:

    8dn: Tile is slang for hat. I was convinced this was titfer (cockney rhyming slang for hat: tit for tat) and couldn’t work out why!

  4. says:

    Where does ‘rd’ come from in 20ac?

    I didn’t like ‘bigot’ as a clue for ‘ageist’. The other way round is OK.

  5. says:

    20A: “way” is road is RD

  6. Papps says:

    Thanks. I sometimes worry about myself.

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