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Independent 6441 by Phi

Posted by neildubya on June 8th, 2007


A pleasing puzzle from Phi, with a couple of good arts and literature references. Some very nice, very wry cryptic defs.

7 KEEP OFF THE GRASS Witty cryptic definition.
9 LEGIT Double def.
10 UNCORDIAL UNCOR(k) (= supply wine incompletely) + DIAL (= face)
17 SOL(d) The sol was the Peruvian unit of currency, in use until 1985. They use the neuvo sol now.
18 PRET A PORTER PR (= father) + ATE< (= regressed, tucking into) + PORTER (= beer). I think the most contrived, and probably most satisfying clue in the puzzle.
24 ELECTRIC BLANKET Nice cryptic definition.
1 BERG BE(R)G. Alban Berg was an Austrian composer of the atonal Schoenberg school.
2 BOTTOM Very nice double def, with pleasing surface. Alludes to Shakespeare’s character in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
4 CHICHI CHIC + HI. I was only vaguely familiar with ‘Chichi’ meaning affectedly trendy.
5 AGERATUM AG (= silver) + (MATURE)*. A bit dubious of ‘flourishing’ as an anagram flag.
7 KILROY WAS HERE (YORKSHIRE + WAL)* + E   Nice & lit.
12 TEA CLIPPER Gorgeous surface and really clever cryptic: ‘leaves’ for ‘tea’ and ‘cutter’ for ‘clipper’.
15 (Barbara) HEPWORTH HEP + WORTH. ‘Hep’ seems to be a variation on ‘hip’. New to me.
16 DIATRIBE AID< (= to support, rising) + TRIBE. Good surface.
19 ENTAIL TA in LINE<     Nice. The TA here are the volunteers.

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  1. says:

    A pleasing puzzle – SOL is also an old French copper or silver coin.

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