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Independent 6436/Nimrod – on Nimrod and others…

Posted by neildubya on June 9th, 2007


An appropriately timed and themed crossword as the date of publication (June 2nd) was the 150th anniversary of 28A’s birth. It’s also fitting that Nimrod (Enigmatist in the Guardian) should be the compiler (see 25A and 8/13 if you don’t know what I’m talking about). I was making very slow progress until I got my first thematic clue (19/15/6), after which things speeded up a bit.

11/14 IMPERIAL MARCH – which was written for Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. Not sure I understand the wordplay though – March is obviously 5 months before August but why is it “five-month warning of August August?”
16/7 (MAD FOREIGNERS OUT)* – DREAM OF GERONTIUS. Elgar’s oratorio, considered by many to be his finest work.
20 FAT,W,A – I think it’s fair to say that after the Satanic Verses controversy many people would think that a FATWA was a lot more than a “legal opinion”. That’s what’s in the dictionary though.
22 TAKE NOTES – very nice double definition clue. Until recently, Elgar’s face was on a £20 note – it’s now been replaced by Adam Smith.
23/21 PICTURED WITHIN – I have to thank Mrs Dubya for helping with this. The ENIGMA VARIATIONS were dedicated to “my friends PICTURED WITHIN”.
25 NIMROD – who compiled this puzzle. It is also one of the 8/13 and the one that Classic FM that are contractually obliged to play once a day (allegedly).
28 ELGAR – the theme of the puzzle and anagram of “large and regal”.
1 FLAT – another one that I have to thank Mrs Dubya for. Elgar’s Symphony No 1 was written in the key of A FLAT.
3 POMP(om) – a reference to the Pomp and Circumstance Marches. You’ll know March No 1, even if you know nothing at all about classical music.
4 (TRY,IT)*,A(n) – tough and unlikely looking word.
8/13 ENIGMA VARIATIONS – “in game” is a variation of ENIGMA
18 TOR in (I’M SLY)*
19/15/6 LAND OF HOPE AND GLORY – another one of Elgar’s crowd pleasers, especially if that crowd attends the Last Night of the Proms. One of my least favourite pieces of classical music.
26 LA in OF – King Olaf is a now-neglected work of 28A.

5 Responses to “Independent 6436/Nimrod – on Nimrod and others…”

  1. says:

    22A: I um’d and ah’d between TAKE NOTES, MAKE NOTES and MADE NOTES for some time. I eventually went with MAKE NOTES as it encompasses making music as well as the banknote and lecture jottings allusions. I have just seen the published answer is MADE NOTES, so we were both wrong. I suppose the two “did”s in the clue imply the past tense, but I reckon it is a close call.
    Overall another fantastic piece of work from Nimrod.

  2. says:

    I wavered also between MAKE NOTES and TAKE NOTES before settling for the former. I never thought of MADE NOTES but the past tense is more justifiable as the man is no longer with us. One clue not mentioned in the blog above which I thought was a cracker was “One launched into air aggressively as singer of 19/15/6 perhaps?” PATRIOT

  3. says:

    To be honest, I didn’t even consider anything other than TAKE NOTES. Agree that MADE NOTES makes more sense though.

  4. says:

    Very enjoyable composition by Nimrod. Liked this rather more than his previous, although complexity still seems a major feature.

  5. says:

    Another corker from Nimrod.

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