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Guardian 24,100 – Audreus/challenging

Posted by loonapick on 11th June 2007


This was quite tough for a Monday, with some obscure words mixed in with references to Shakespeare, mythology, ancient alphabets and poetry.  All in all, it was enjoyable to solve, and took me about 12 minutes.

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Independent 6443/Mass

Posted by neildubya on 11th June 2007


The last time I blogged a Mass puzzle I introduced it thus: “A compiler I usually struggle with but not on this occasion. There are some very nice clues in this but a couple that I don’t fully understand and a couple of (I think) weak puns/cryptic defs.” Today, I can probably say that I don’t struggle with Mass anymore, I think I understand most of the clues and there more than a couple of cryptic definitions. There were some very nice clues too. Read the rest of this entry »

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