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Guardian 24101/Shed

Posted by neildubya on June 12th, 2007


Very enjoyable puzzle from Shed. As you’ll see, there were a few bits and pieces I wasn’t sure about but was still able to make educated guesses thanks to some excellent clueing.

7 RAMP,LING – the ling is a very useful fish for setters. Charlotte Rampling is the actor.
11 PERI,T in PROSY – I didn’t know that “fairy” = PERI so this was a bit of a guess.
12 A,RR in COT – I liked “bedded” to indicate “put [something] inside [a word for bed]”. A novel way of doing a container-and-contents clue, although I think I’ve seen variations on it elsewhere. For example, there was a Tees (Independent) puzzle recently which used “seagirt” to indicate “[something] in MED[iterranean]”.
14 I,EG in LEMAN – LEMAN is an archaic (“former” in the clue) word for sweetheart or lover, which I didn’t know so this was another guess but a fairly confident one, given the definition (“vassal”).
20 SEMEN in CAT – here’s another variation on 12A with “fertilised” indicating the “put something in” bit.
23 IF<, CU in STIFFS
24 SLEW – double definition.
25 THETIS – or THE(IST)*. Yet another guess, although I had ?H?T?S filled in.
26 TIRE< in EMUS
1 GAY (going up) in BA,BAA – this was pretty tough I thought. BABA YAGA is a witch from Slavic mythology. “Invert” is a now-outdated word (from pyschology) meaning “homosexual”.
4,18 DEAD GORGE in DR OPUS – not the easiest phrase to clue I imagine. Liked the surface reading.
5 LEV (going up) in STARING – yet another clue where I was sure of the definition and most of the wordplay but with one element I wasn’t confident about – in this case, LEV for “currency”. Turns out it’s the currency in Bulgaria.
8 G in GOOLE – the first time (I think) that I’ve seen this word appear in a cryptic, either as a noun or verb, as it is here. Google (the company) won’t like this as they’re not keen on “google” (the word) becoming a synonym for “search“, like “hoovering” for “vacuuming”. I’m not so sure that that’s what’s actually happening though. Surely most of us use “google” to mean “look for something in the Google search engine” (as opposed to say, Yahoo or Altavista)?

6 Responses to “Guardian 24101/Shed”

  1. says:

    20A: “fertilised” to me indicated to put in something quite specific! (namely, SEMEN) — rather clever. (perhaps this is what you meant to say…)

  2. says:

    Yes – that’s what I meant.

  3. says:

    O gimme dat ole Pictures at an Exhibition, recorded live at Newcastle City Hall, March 26 1971, with both Hut and Curse of Baba Yaga.

    What I didn’t know is that said hut, in which the old hag apparently resides, is mounted on a pair of chicken legs.

    What I do know is that I’ve always liked Shed’s knotty puzzles.

  4. says:

    CA/SEMEN/T was discussed at a recent crossword meet. It was mentioned then that it would be a pity to pass over the possibility of having “Roger” as part of the definition…

  5. says:

    You’d have to be even quicker for a bit of ABASEMENT presumably. EASEMENT? Phew, and if it weren’t for the U in WAREHOUSEMEN…

  6. says:

    Ban this filth. Or not.

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