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Financial Times 12483/Cinephile

Posted by neildubya on June 13th, 2007


Pretty tough. I haven’t got a convincing answer for 14D, I can’t work out the wordplay for the long clue and I needed Google to get 15D.

1 S.E,WAGE – overseas solvers will need to know that the Home Counties are in the South East of England.
4 PRO,CLAIM – I wonder why the clue has “your demand” when “demand” would read just as well?
10 OST,RICH – I’m guessing that “high” is a reference to an ostrich’s height?
16 HE,E,HAW – “asinine” can mean “resembling an ass” as well as stupid or idiotic.
24 BAR(k),BAR(k),YAP,E
27 (IN POLES)*
29 ROT,UNDA – “under”
30 TH(e),YES,SET< – this was new to me but the wordplay is straightforward enough to make it a confident guess. You can read about THYESTES’ unpleasant history here.
2 (WEATHER RATE)* – Anyone want to explain how the surface reading of this clue (“Bad weather rate a kettle?”) could possibly qualify as a meaningful English sentence?
6 CLAUSE,WIT,Z – “succeeds” here means “come after”.
14 A?R?L ?A?N?R – not sure about this one. “One of twelve [months]” could be APRIL and “Rilke” I think is a reference to Rainer Maria Rilke, the poet but is APRIL RAINER a known phrase? The only possible reference I can find is to a poem by Langston Hughes called “April Rain Song” but surely that’s a bit obscure?
15 RAM(ad)AN in KALI’S – had to ask for Google’s help to get this one. Never heard of KARAMANLIS before or KALI.
22,8 SENT,MIN,D in A BED – I’d never heard the phrase “brown study” before but the wordplay was fairly easy and ABSENT-MINDED is a common enough phrase to make it easily gettable.
23,31A,1,9 SPARE THE ROD AND SPOIL THE CHILD – would anyone like to have a go at parsing this one? I can get as far as “Good guy about to reduce” for PARE in ST but that’s about it. Oh, I can see HE ROD too but that can’t mean “infanticide” (surely Herod was an infanticist, if there’s such a word)

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  1. says:

    I agree that infanticide is a dodgy indicator for HEROD. The rest is (HELD HAND POLITICS)* but is “required” meant to be an anagram indicator?

    I’m also stumped by 14d. APRIL RAINER seems like the best bet but it’s certainly not a phrase I’ve ever come across and I can’t see what the second half of the clue (presumably the definition part) is getting at.

    “One of twelve with Rilke, one of six in song”

    Any offers?

  2. says:

    “Required” must be the anagrind – if we can call it that – but I can’t see how that can be justified.

  3. says:

    Herod the Great, 74-4 BC, responsible allegedly for the Massacre of the Innocents (the slaughter of the infants of Bethlehem).

    ‘Infanticide’ in Chambers is defined inter alia as ‘a killer of children’.

  4. says:

    April Rainer is an Admissions Counselor (sic) at Belmont Abbey College. I bet she never guessed she’d appear in the FT crossword.

  5. says:

    14D’s definition also bamboozled me. However, my web-trawling suggested that the song being referred to is “Green Grow the Rushes”. However, according to Wikipedia at least, the correct enumeration for APRIL RAINERs should be 8 instead of 6!

    (I would have embedded a hyperlink to the relevant page, but haven’t figured out how to do so yet!)

  6. says:

    You’re totally right there Smiffy – my uncle, a Fleet Chief in the RN, would sing it to me as we chugged down the A23 in his Morris Oxford.

    There’s eight for the April Rainers (one among whom would be an April Rainer), April Showerers, or occasionally Eight Bold Rangers.

    Depends which football team you support, I guess.

  7. says:

    SPARE THE ROD AND SPOIL THE CHILD = Good Guy (ST) surrounding PARE HEROD (Herod being an infanticide), and the rest is an anagram of HELD HAND POLITICS. (No sign of anagram indicator – I don’t think “required” really cuts the mustard. Still working on April Rainer! Regards

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