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Everyman 3167/where’s Sean?

Posted by ilancaron on June 17th, 2007


The grid is almost 90 degree symmetrical: would be if 3D and 15D were both 15 letter lights. And we encounter Orlando Di LASSO again. I searched high and low for a Scots, Bond or Connery reference… but to no avail.


4 DISC,US – nice smooth surface: especially “Field sport record…”
8 VISITING FIREMAN – F,I (“female one”) in (Virginians met)*. Brit term for VIP visit.
12 LUG(GAG)E – not a drug dealer’s case: “crack” is a comedian’s GAG here.
13 SERVICE, FLAT – I might have too much Roland Garros on my brain right now, but I think the idea is that a SERVICE goes over (the net). Actually now that I think about it, it’s probably the verb “go over”, as in “I better have my mechanic go over my car before we start the Paris-Dakar rally”.
15 CHARGE(CARD)S – CARD for “eccentric” in CHARGES for “loads” and I suppose you can buy “loads” of stuff with them… (or perhaps as in top-up cards?)
19 OR,INOC=coin*,O – a fairly popular cryptic “river”
22 PUBLIC, TRANSPORT – nice clue: especially considering that London buses once upon a time didn’t have doors.


2 VIS-A-(V,I)S – where V for “versus”.
3 [n]UTTER
6 CO,MP,ACT – as in COMPACT car (e.g. Ford Focus)
7 SINNER=”Cinna” – Caesar’s uncle as it happens even though he was part of the conspiracy.
9 NOTHING TO IT – (Not tonight I)* – “suspect” is our suspect adjectival anagrind.
10 FALSE ACACIA – (a Calais café)* – FALSE ACACIA is also the Black Locust (a kind of plant: I had to look this up).
14 RE,A,SON,IN,G – SON as in “native son” and middle of BanGkok.
17 POM,POM – our dog used to get a little POMPOM round her neck as a reward for being groomed.
18 WON TON – rev(not now=later). I actually thought DIM SUM my first time through!
21 LASS,O – ref. Orlando Di LASSO — not really Belgian since didn’t exist back then – more accurately, Flemish.

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  1. says:

    Love ‘not now’ rev for the soup – brilliant.

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