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Independent 6450/Virgilius – Pole to Pole

Posted by neildubya on June 19th, 2007


An entertaining puzzle with a not-too-difficult-to-spot theme. Across the middle of the grid is the phrase POLES APART, which separates 6 across answers, all of which are poles of some description: NORTH/SOUTH, POSITIVE/NEGATIVE and MARIE CURIE and JOSEPH CONRAD (who are Poles, rather than poles).

7 hidden in “uNORTHodox” – the first Pole in this puzzle.
11/26 MARIE CURIE – another sort of Pole. The curie has apparently been replaced by the becquerel. So now you know.
14 EG in NATIVE – the third type of pole.
17/18 (APPEAR LOST)* – in the middle of the grid, the key to the theme of this puzzle – POLES APART.
22 POSITIVE – the opposite to 14A, positioned symmetrically in the grid (as are all the thematic entries.
24/12 J,(CHOSE PARDON)* – another of the second type of Pole, if you get my drift. JOSEPH CONRAD wrote, among others, the very marvellous Heart of Darkness.
30 SIN,(TRIALS)* – SINISTRAL means “positioned on or relating to the left side” so it’s “not right”.
31 OUT in SH – 7A’s opposite. I think the definition here,”Union’s opponents”, is a reference to the American civil war where the 11 southern states opposed the United States (or Union).
2 (IN HOLE AS)* – “it’s tight” (or maybe just “tight”) suprised me as an anagram indicator but it can mean “drunk” so I guess it’s fair.
9 ED in NEWS (going up)
19 A,POST,AS (Tor)Y
21 WHO’S WHO – excellent clue, bringing together the World Health Organization and Doctor Who.

3 Responses to “Independent 6450/Virgilius – Pole to Pole”

  1. says:

    Another polished gem.

    Virgilius has the most intuitive grasp of the cryptic aesthetic, as tautly logical as any setter but never losing sight of the wordsmith ‘fun’ element (which evaporates with some of the more wilfully obscure setters for me).

    Minor quibble: 11/26 was a tad too straight.

  2. says:

    Don’t forget JOHN PAUL – a brilliant touch using Lennon-McCarthy.

  3. says:

    (Pole)(Pope) JOHN PAUL That should of course be McCartney, sorry.

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