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Independent 6448 – Eimi

Posted by petebiddlecombe on June 22nd, 2007


Solving time 11:40

Here’s the explanation for the gentle ribbing about “strange characters turning up on Saturday” in the comments on last week’s Virgilius puzzle. For those who don’t know, Eimi is Indie xwd ed Mike Hutchinson giving himself one of his four or so slots each year. I tend to find Eimi puzzles quite hard (possibly because they’re infrequent), so I was quite pleased with 11:40, though the right first guess at 17 might have made it a minute or two faster.

6 WOR=row<=,S(cientologis)T
9 NIGHTMARE – ((d)ream thing)*
10 STEVE – I don’t know who Steve Sidwell is, but easy as hidden in “Carlos Tevez”.  He turns out to be a footballer – now plays for Chelsea.
11 ESSENCE – two meanings I think
14 MURALS – this puzzled me, but I think Marks and Spencer are both names of artists who I should have heard of.
16 VA(L)LET,T.A. – cap. of Malta
24 ABANDON – Abaddon with middle letter changed. A change from the more obvious ABADDON as answer, with a clue about a low-quality lecturer.
26 DREAR – otologist = “ear Dr.”
1 FIN(GERMAR=(Marge,R)*)KS
2 VEGA,S – I can never remember whether Vega is a constellation or star – must be the latter.
3 UN,TAN,G,LED – “Brown government” being a setter’s trick we might have to get used
5 EX,EMPLAR – “Saint Simon” = Templar
6 WISER – the village of Gotham was known for its ‘wise’ men long before Batman looked after the folk of Gotham City.
7 RHEUMATIC = “attic room” ‘reorganised’.
8 TEE = “tea” (‘drivers’ on a golf course)
13 DEAD RINGERS – 2 meanings
15 R(OUTIN(g))ELY. Beginners: if you learn one thing from this puzzle, make it {bank => RELY}
17 LOOK,ALIVE – quick as in “the quick and the dead”. Anyone else waste time by rushing into ‘LOOK SHARP’?
18 PRO,DUCE,D – using the Italian ‘fascist leader’ in a clue about Germany is a classic bit of misleading context.
21 CARMEN – ghastly ‘garage’ pun
23 DOUR,O – the “flower” down which Port is sent to Vila Nova da Gaia to age in the wine lodges.

4 Responses to “Independent 6448 – Eimi”

  1. nmsindy says:

    14 across puzzled me too and I could not choose between MORALS and MURALS and made the wrong choice without understanding. A quick look has found a Spencer noted for murals, but not a Marks.

    Re ESSENCE, this is the French for petrol, which I thought was a little tricky.

    I enjoyed the puzzle overall, which I found a little easier than usual from Eimi, though of course I did not get it right.

    I think the CARMEN idea goes back to Ximenes, and maybe even earlier. And does it need updating as in the Inquisitor 23 puzzle the solution to which appears today on which I blogged here?

  2. eimi says:

    With murals it was a case of knowing about Stanley Spencer and looking for a Marks to make the clue work. Rather obscure, I’ll admit, but the Marks is Henry Stacy Marks, apparently responsible for murals at the V&A and Eaton Hall in Cheshire.

    There’s also a small Nina in the puzzle, not unconnected to a band who played a blinder at Glastonbury last night, I thought.

  3. nmsindy says:

    Thank you for the explanation, Eimi. I probably would not see a Nina about a band if it hit me over the head with a trunk, but a quick check and Googling suggests some connection with the surviving wonder of the ancient world.

    You’d have needed homophones, maybe, but another coincidence, if you wanted to refer to the famous store, is (Karl) Marx and (Herbert) Spencer both in their final resting place at Highgate Cemetery, London.

  4. Paul B says:

    Marx & Spenser classic on a while back.

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