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Independent 6453/Nimrod

Posted by Colin Blackburn on June 22nd, 2007

Colin Blackburn.

When I swapped to Friday this week I expected a nice Phi puzzle, instead I got Nimrod! A little more difficult than Phi for me with some clues still a mystery. However, much of it was straightforward thanks to the long anagram and me seeing 1dn as soon as I had P-D… A couple of the clues are gems.

1 PETER CROUCH — PETER + CROUCH — the Liverpool and England striker is very tall, for a footballer.
9 NADIR — (AND)* + IR — IR = Inland Revenue. Although they have now changed their name I expect we’ll have IR in crosswords for decades to come.
10 GLISSANDI — (sc)A(le) in (SLIDINGS)* — really nice &lit.
11 TRILOBITE — OBIT in T+RILE — a trilobite is an early jointed animal found in the fossil record.
12 THYMI — healTHY-MIndedness — as a vegetarian sweetbread is a weird term. It refers, I think, to the various glands that can be eaten by those willing to do so. The thymus is one such gland and its role gives this clue a nice partial &lit surface.
13 DOGE — ? — I don’t see the word play here, some reversal of GOD?
[ It’s EGO’D <]
14 MENTAL NOTE — cryptic def. — ref. to Post-It notes. Having worked in a Centre for Cognitive Science I like the surface but doubt the subject would warrant a whole Faculty!
16 EGO-TRIPPER — ‘E GOT RIPPER — fantastic clue.
20 TIGON — GO in TIN — preserved = put in TIN.
23 NEEDINESS — (SEES END IN)* — not sure about supply as the anagramming term here.
24 PUPIL — (s)LIP-UP(s)< — good wordplay.
25 NERVE CENTRE — ? — not sure what Euro means here. I did consider R being neRve centre but that hasn’t helped.
[ It’s centre of nEUROn!]
1 PADDINGTON GREEN — ADDING TONG in PREEN — an excellent clue but you have to know about the police station (nick) in London. It gets mentioned on the news a bit as high profile suspects are often taken there. Tong is a Chinese secret society.
2 TORSO — T + OR SO — roughly = or so.
6 HONEYMOON COUPLE — cryptic def.
7,8 UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL — (assumptio)N in (WEDS DWELT + INDIVIDUAL DEFEAT)* — good anagram &lit but fairly obvious from the enumeration.
18 EN MASSE — S(hip) in (SEAMEN)*
22 EXPAT — (X in TAPE)< — I think X = “and” here.
[ It’s X = “by”, and is just connecting the two uses of over.]

7 Responses to “Independent 6453/Nimrod”

  1. says:

    Doge. I (ego) ‘d (d) back =doge

  2. says:

    Neuron = nerve. Centre of neuron = euro. nerve centre = locus of euro.

  3. says:

    in expat I think ‘x’ = ‘by’, with tape over it then reversed.

  4. says:

    Thanks Conrad.

    I don’t know why I didn’t think I = EGO, especially as EGO appears in another answer.

    I knew I was onto something with centre of nerve but NEURON completely escaped me. Very clever.

    Finally, yes X = by, + = and. I didn’t notice the “by” in the clue and so struggle to use the “and”.

  5. says:

    NEEDINESS I think the anagram indicator “supply” is a adverb “in a supple manner”. I’ve seen this device before.

  6. Tramp says:

    Brilliant Nimrod I thought. My favourite is the ‘e got ripper one. Superb.

  7. aryst says:

    Just dropping by to see who use my name on their blog…even though the use is for the other meaning (U.S only)…and about the puzzle, I don’t have any idea but it look like a flash of brilliance…

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