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Azed 1829

Posted by petebiddlecombe on June 27th, 2007


Apologies for a late Azed report – can’t remember my time for this, or how much I used the big red book – I re-solved from memory after prematurely chucking the original.

1 SCOTCH DRAPER – (hot CD)* in scraper = ‘one on the fiddle’
10 OUTROOT – OO in tutor*
13 NIFLHEIM – the Norse underworld (= Nibelheim for Wagnerites). (Hel if)* in nim – the tree that gives us ‘nim oil’ (as well as ‘take’ and that matchstick game). Hel is a Norse female Pluto, daughter of 30D.
15 BE,A,(i)DLE
16 NATURE – Ruta = the rue genus, in ne = archaic ‘not’
17 ARREAR – re = ray (alternate tonic sol-fa spellings) in arar which is the tree.
18 ILLFASTE – Ill-faced as spelled by Spenser – (ll = lines,FAST) in i.e.
19 A,VAS – vas = an anatomical duct or vessel
22 P(REV)IOUS – pious = “resulting from piety” – nice disguise as “resulting from” is a fairly common def/wordplay link.
28 VENTRE – archaic ‘venture’ – hidden.
29 OCTROI – comp anag. – (motor acid)* – (tram)*. It’s an old tax on goods brought into a district.
31 T,REASONS – I guess t = time = term of imprisonment, though this seems a bit cheeky.
33 SEAKALE – a.k.a. in else*
34 C(On TOUR)LINES – a ‘cline’ is a gradation of differences in form
1 SOMONI – nomos rev., I = independent. I’m hoping that nomos and nome are the same thing. This week’s wacky wonga clue.
2 CUI MALO – (A1 locum)* Latin – “who will it harm?”
3 T(R)OW – ‘pulled behind, one assumes’ = ‘in tow’
4 CON=learn,TRAP=fault (I think – can’t quite see the exact link in C.),POSTO = stoop*
7 A,CHAR – easy for me as our local Indian takeaway does some ‘Acher’ dishes – must be the same stuff.
8 PREDEVOTE = foreordained – P,(tree dove)*
9 (p)RIMERS – rime = ream which roughly = drill (vb.)
11 PILA – first letters – a Roman soldier’s javelin
14 ATLANTEAN – an’t = archaic ‘has not’ in ‘at lean’ = “working on ‘thin'”
21 S(COT)IC – related to Scotland or the Scots. Can’t see a def in the clue – “Such as this includes a bed?” – unless it’s just saying that the whole puzzle, like many barred ones based on Chambers, uses lots of Scots language. Any other ideas?
23 EVENER – one of the three Es in veneer moves to the top
24 SEP(ro(SE)S – Seps is the skink genus.
27 ORANT – hidden word – someone who prays. You can remember the ora-/prayer link from various words like orison, or oratory as in Brompton Oratory.
30 LOKI = “low key”. Norse god of mischief (Wagnerites: Loge)

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