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Independent 6458/Dac

Posted by neildubya on June 28th, 2007

1 PAT,C,ASH(e) – excellent topical clue.
9 P in SOHO,MORE – one of the last 2 or 3 answers to go. “Part of London again” had me puzzled for a while.
10 WAG(n)ER
11 (MOP)*,ADE (“aid”) – superb &lit clue. Best clue in the puzzle, I think.
12 (O QUA-rTERS)* – I didn’t know QUAESTOR so this was the last answer to go in. With ?U?E?T?R filled in and the fairly safe knowledge that the wordplay was an anagram of o + quarters with the “r” missing it was just a case of deciding what to do with the remaining letters. The “q” was easy and the rest followed as QUOESTAR just doesn’t look right.
14 H,TIER< – shouldn’t this really be “former BBC bigwig”?
22 ME in INCA,RA
24 IS,N in LAD – “in van[guard]” indicates that IS has to be at the front of the clue.
29 PASS in S,KY – a reference to Boris Spassky who, amongst other things, played Bobby Fischer for the World Championship in Reykjavik in 1972 – one of the most famous matches ever.
5 “czech”,CAR,D – “traveller can get dinars” for CAR,D took me far too long to get.
8 R in TORE,O
15 (THE PALS ME)* – HELPMATES. Another nice &lit.
17/18 MAKE A SONG AND DANCE – Bussell is Darcey, the ballet dancer, but I’m not sure who Jenkins is supposed to be.
21 DI(m),SHES
25 SEE TO – “C2″. Clever reference to social grades.

6 Responses to “Independent 6458/Dac”

  1. fgbp says:

    Good stuff again by Dac. I liked the PASSPORT TO PIMLICO anagram. Isn’t “Jenkins” the blonde lady Katherine who sings at the Millennium Stadium before the big games? One reason, actually, why I wasn’t in a hurry to move back to the “New Wembley” :-)
    Actually having just checked wikipedia she’s now the official mascot for the Welsh Rugby team apparently.

  2. Paul B says:

    The mascot of the Royal Regiment of Wales in 1999 was a goat.

  3. mark says:

    She and Darcy B are now teaming up to do some contrived show called “Divas” or somesuch. The clue pairing is quite timely and I thought good. I thought the cheque card was very clumsy and didn’t write it in for ages looking for something better.

    Agraid I got stuck on a few. Still don’t have 27A or 23D – help!

  4. nmsindy says:

    Hi Mark – five letter countries could narrow 23D down. 27A has a one-word definition.

  5. petebiddlecombe says:

    Not just in 1999 – the Welsh regiment have a permanent job for a goat, and a ‘Goat Major’ to look after it – more here.

  6. colinblackburn says:

    1/2dn needs to get its initial P from power as the anagram is one letter short.

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