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Guardian 24116/Taupi

Posted by neildubya on 29th June 2007

1 BESIDE THE POINT – double definition.
9 RI,T in IRAN,T – excellent surface reading.
11 H in (METEOR)*
12 DUN,(GONE)*
15 HOMOPHONE – nothing to do with the answer at 4D, simply that “For” sounds like 4.
20 RID(g)ES – I liked “zero gravity” to indicate the lack of a “g”.
23 ENFORCE – sounds like “N for C” which is the replacement you make to turn “salicet” into “salient”. [Edit: as the commenter says below, this should of course be “EN for CE”, which is what I meant to write]
25 JUNK MAIL – nice cryptic definition.
26 hidden in “reveaL A BELiever”.
27 CHINLESS WONDER – is this right? If so, I can’t see the wordplay, although “chump from Eton” would seem ok as a definition.
1 (ON RUN BUT THEY)* – BOUNTY HUNTER. Excellent clue, with a well hidden anagrind (“rent”) and a sly definition (“their trailer”).
3 ERG in DETENT – I filled in DETERGENT without understanding the bit about “wheel-checker”. I’ve just looked it up and apparently it means anything that “checks motion”.
5 A,R,L in MODE (all going up) – EARLDOM  
6 (s)OFTEN
16 reverse hidden in “OIL OF TROPical” – excellent hidden clue as it’s not the kind of word that you’d expect to be hidden.
22 A,K in TEN – I’m assuming that “one” refers to 1A here…? [Edit: this should be OAKEN, see comment below]
24 B in RAID.

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Independent 6459/Phi

Posted by bensand on 29th June 2007


I thought I’d got the schedule wrong when I came to post this and saw the top Independent post from Neil for a Phi! Closer examination revealed a different crossword completely so business as usual. [Change to 8 down, thanks to nmsindy for pointing it out]

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FT 12497/Mudd – nourishing

Posted by ilancaron on 29th June 2007


Even though his name is Mudd here – it’s Paul in the Guardian. I definitely solved this more quickly than the typical Paul – so maybe there is something to the theory that FT puzzles are pitched somewhat lower. Seemed to be a mild food and drink theme (9a, 12a, 19a, 7d, 11d, 17d, 24d, 27d) which is probably more than my imagination. And, as an American, I appreciate that the Britishisms are kept to a minimum.

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Independent 6454/Hard-Phi – Moving to the Weekend

Posted by neildubya on 29th June 2007


We had a tough Saturday Phi puzzle a couple of months ago but I think this one was harder. I solved this one in deepest Suffolk, with no access to a decent dictionary or other solving aids (ie, the Internet) so I was unsure about a number of answers; I filled them in anyway in order to make progress but I had to wait until I got home to be sure about the last two or three. There’s a Nina too – starting at the left-hand corner of the grid and going round clockwise, the unchecked letters spell out: IS THIS A HIDDEN MESSAGE OR ISNT IT. Read the rest of this entry »

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Inquisitor 25 – Conclusion by Zero

Posted by petebiddlecombe on 29th June 2007


Solving time: about 90 mins

A fairly standard challenge here: find extra words in four across and four down clues which allow what’s presumably a quotation to be identified, and clashes between across and down answers which are resolved by continuing the quote in some part(s) of the grid. The author appears in a couple of unclued answers, and the rest of the quote must be written under the grid (the part not to forget!).

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