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Guardian 24,111 (Sat 23 Jun)/Enigmatist – Taiping error

Posted by rightback on June 30th, 2007


Solving time: Forgot to record, but I think I gave up on 17dn after about 15 mins. The bottom left corner was the hardest, if I remember correctly. Some very inventive clues in here.

* = anagram, “X” = sounds like ‘X’.

1 L(LANG)OWER – I think Comso Lang is the archbishop in question.
9 WITHOUT STOPPING – I think this refers to ‘stop’ meaning ‘to limit the vibrating length of (a string)’ (Chambers).
10 YARD; rev. of DRAY (= a squirrel’s home) – refers to Beatrix Potter’s Squirrel Nutkin.
11 AR(GO + [jaso]N + AU)T
14 hidden in ‘[flyo]VER M1 FOR M[5]’ (hidden) – the best hidden clue I’ve seen for ages. I tried for ages to do some elaborate shifting of an ‘M’ from the fifth letter of a word to the beginning or similar.
15 [c]AME ER[e]
16 CATER[pillar]
18 PANTIHOSE; anag. of THESPIAN around O – this word was clued in an identical way in the Sunday Times the previous Sunday, but I much prefer this wording.
21 FOOT (double definition) – Michael Foot may have caused trouble for overseas solvers.
25 EDITORIAL COLUMN; (LAIR IN CLOUD ME TO)* – cloud layers cause me daily angst, but cloud lairs?!
26 NEGUS; E.G. in rev. of SUN – a hot drink made from port or sherry. I didn’t know this word which made the bottom left tricky for me.
1 LOW (= base) + RY (= railway = line) – ‘baseline’ here is decidedly liberal, which I’m normally not so keen on, but as it’s in The Guardian I love this (topical) clue. L. S. Lowry was the Salford-based artist famous for painting matchstick men, which inspired this song/video.
3/12 GOOD VIBRATIONS; (TRIVIA BOD)* in (O[ld] SONG)* – I just couldn’t see where the anagram’s 14 letters came from here so took ages to get this. Another classic song, this one by The Beach Boys.
4/13 WITH COMPASS + ON around I – ‘unlikely to get lost’ is brilliant for ‘with compass’, though I’ve managed to disprove this on numerous occasions.
5/23 RETIREMENT PLAN (semi-cryptic definition)
6/24 DIPLOMATIC MOVE (cryptic definition) – Boris Spassky (Russia) and Bobby Fischer (USA) played a famous World Championship chess match in 1972.
14 VICE QUEEN (one straight, one cryptic definition) – I had QUEEN early on but pencilled in ‘mock’ as the first word and couldn’t get VICE for ages.
17 TAIPING; “TYPING” – I’m glad I didn’t spend too long trying to solve this as I’d never have got it, having not heard of Taiping or the Taiping Rebellion.

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