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Everyman 3169/Partick Thistle

Posted by ilancaron on July 1st, 2007


I think Partick Thistle is the only Scots reference in this puzzle. Of course, my Caledonian theory might be completely incidental but it gives me a goal each week. Overall, pretty easy cluing and familiar vocabulary but, as always, sensible and meaningful surfaces.


5 LAP,TO,P – my last clue: rather sad since I’m writing this on a LAPTOP.
9 LUC[k],ID – “chance” is LUCK and presumably “virtually” is used to indicate “almost all” – I think the clue would have been better both cryptically and surface-wise as “Clear chance, virtually all I had”.
10 TOWN-CRIER – (tricorn we)* — not a bad clue; cryptic def of “bellman” and a guy wearing a tricorn is the image I conjure up in my mind’s eye of a TOWN-CRIER (carrying a bell).
14 SIDE,REAL – def is “of stars”. Incidentally given the fame of Real Madrid, familiarly just Real, “team” could also indicate REAL!
18 CUCK=”cook”,OO
20 CLARENCE, D,ARROW – well known (American lawyer) for being on the right side in the Scopes evolution trial. Turns out that CLARENCE is a type of carriage and “quarrel” is a type of (crossbow) ARROW. Couple of red-herrings here: DA is an American “lawyer” and ROW is a “quarrel” of course.
23 IN,T(ROVER)T – ROVER is a type of “car” and heart of “BriTTany” is TT.
24 E,LAND – nice economical charade
25 E(ME)NDS – another nice economical clue with a consistent surface.


2 MACBETH – (match, be)*. Nicely misleading surface (games rather than dramatic).
3 MIDDLE-OF-THE-ROAD – cryptic def (“Central square?”). This term appears frequently in cryptics – possible because of its length and its popular letters.
6 AT CLOSE=locates*, QUARTERS – another economical clue with a fine surface.
7 THIS,TLE=let* – our Scots clue: Partick THISTLE is a Glaswegian football team I think.
13 SUB,SCRIBE – SUB as in SUB-editor.
15 FE,S(C)UE – FESCUE is a type of grass that seems to only grow in cryptic gardens.
17 SE(A)TTLE – one of my last clues: extremely embarrassing since I lived there many years.
19 KNOW-A(L)L – L in (on walk)*
22 ADA,R – ADA’s our “girl” this time.

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