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Guardian 24,119, Chifonie: Looni Tones

Posted by michod on 3rd July 2007


Fairly standard daily fare, a sprinkling of anagrams, a few stretched definitions for me, but I’ve learnt that it’s risky to cast such aspersions without a dictionary.  Theme? Well, there was a band called the Wolfe Tones, and another called the Chillum Brothers… then there’s Maxi/ Judas Priest according to taste.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

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Independent 6462/Virgilius

Posted by neildubya on 3rd July 2007


Easier-than-usual puzzle from Virgilius but with another clever bit of grid trickery – every down clue (except 9D, which reveals the theme) is a reversal of its (180 degree) symmetrical opposite . Of course, once you’ve twigged this it makes the puzzle very easy as you only really have to solve half the down clues. Read the rest of this entry »

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