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FT 12,503 by Monk

Posted by smiffy on July 6th, 2007


A typically enjoyable and thought-provoking number from Monk.  I didn’t spot a trademark Nina, but I suppose that the four (4,5,4) answers that transect the grid symmetrically are, in themselves, a thematic touch.

1 OP,H in TRY
4 ICE H(usband),OUSE – “Murder”=ice is worth bearing in mind if you are currently navigating the steeper parts of the learning curve in cryptic puzzles.
10 PE(I)G,NOIR – I never realised that Peg (the name) is a contraction of Margaret. A variant of Meg, I would assume.
12/13/14 FINE-TOOTH COMB – neat cryptic surface. It gave me flashbacks to images of the “nit nurse” visiting my primary school in those halcyon days of the late 70’s/early 80’s!
20 NEGATIVE SIGN (Gentian give)*
23/24/25 WIDE ANGLE LENS – another grid-wide cryptic surface combo.
28 DORMOUSE – “well known tea party” is a bit of a giveaway. Anybody care to name one other than the Mad Hatter’s, Boston’s or (at a stretch) chimpanzees’?
29 C,ACHED – simple and effective.
30 NO(R)SE,MEN – “neighbours” referring to SWEDEN at 21d.

1 TRIFFIDS (first* around initial letters) – The TV adaptation of “Day of the Triffids” being the only programme that scared me more than Tom Baker and the Daleks during that aforementioned nit-nurse era.
3/15/26 HOME SWEET HOME (See how the memo)* – an astutely spotted angram, given the relatively limited selection of repeated letters.
5 CHESTERFIELD – the last one to go in for me, as I was slow on the uptake re: the furniture reference.
7 (e)UROP(e),OD – Uropod was a new word for me, but checking and wordplay left little doubt. The surface reading is a little surreal, but it’s probably harsh to judge in comparison with the many excellent ones elsewhere in this puzzle.
11 MONTPARNASSE (Parsons meant)* – subtle use of “tour” in the definition.
19 O(NE,SID)ED – I’m not even going to try describing a Klein Bottle. This image link paints a thousand words.
21 SW(ED)EN – “regularly held”=ED

2 Responses to “FT 12,503 by Monk”

  1. Testy says:

    30A can you tell me why presumably grass = NOSE?

    I’m also unsure of 17A which I think is DEEPWATERMAN but it doesn’t seem to appear in the online dictionaries I tend to use or Wiki. Googling does seem to suggest it is a kind of ship.

    11D Tour Montparnasse gives great views of Paris, largely because it is about the only place where the view isn’t spoiled by Tour Montparnasse itself!

  2. nmsindy says:

    grass = nose = informer DEEPWATERMAN is right – it’s in Chambers.

    The (4,5,4)s were the theme, I think.

    Another excellent puzzle from Monk, one of the best setters around.

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