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Independent 6467 by Mordred

Posted by nmsindy on July 9th, 2007


An enjoyable and rather unusual crossword in that I solved it quite fast from definitions and seeing what fit rather than immediately understanding all the clues. Do not understand 4 down though. (Thanks, Ken Owen for explaining this) (There’s a Nina in the puzzle – I won’t give it here in case you want to look again at the puzzle, but will put it after the clue explanations)

Solving time: 16 mins


* = anagram < = reversal

9 TWEETER A loudspeaker t for s in sweeter.

11 REHAB Hidden – the singer referred to having featured in media reports re alcohol problems.

12 HORSE HAIR horse = frame

13 PEACH MELBA It was named after her – an Australian opera singer.

16 UGLY First and last letters

19 NON (French for no i.e. from Jean) CHALANT (Chantal)*

22 SPO ((KEN Livingstone) Funded) OR

24 K A BUL(garian) Capital of Afghanistan (which later turns up as a clue!)

26 P (ROSA) IC Colonel Rosa Klebb (From Russia with Love – James Bond book/movie)

27 AFGHANI Unusual. Hidden, if that’s the right word – it’s the basic currency of the country, so capital in a different sense to 24 across.

28 S (Y MPH) ONY TV producer was nicely misleading.

29 (SYL) P H (Sly)*


1 RAT-TRAP Rats! less s

2 OBE (alternate letters of Zombies) AH ha(lf)<

3 AUTOBAHN (hang about)* less g (the acceleration due to gravity)

4 “Severe, hot-headed Canadian photographer” HARSH = severe, I think, but do not understand the wordplay, thought there might a Can ph called Arsh with h above it, but can’t find anything.  (Thanks, Ken Owen. It’s H for K in Karsh – a Can ph – tho I think the instruction to replace letters is a little indirect)

6 A W (AK) EN London being the Great Wen The Ford Ka<

14 A STRON(g) O (of = o’) MY

15 EX OFF (start) I (international) C(I)O

17 D (Dutch) ARK (state in short – abbrev for Arkansas) AGES Oppressed is a link word in this down clue, I think.

20 T (ALLIS(s))H Peter Alliss – ex-player and now commentator on golf.

23 READY Both parts of the clue, like the answer, are informal words for money.

25 BRAWL Even placed letters in “barman will”

(Diagonal spells out REBECKAH)

6 Responses to “Independent 6467 by Mordred”

  1. neildubya says:

    11A Also a reference to her song “Rehab” from her last album, Back to Black.

    27A Agreed – a bit of an odd one. Like you say, not exactly hidden.

    4D I also put HARSH but like you I don’t get the wordplay.

    Good puzzle though. It’s not a theme but I liked the fact that RIOJA, HEADACHE and then REHAB all made an appearance.

  2. nmsindy says:

    Suitable theme for a Monday perhaps…

  3. ken owen says:

    Karsh was a Canadian photographer. Change K to H

  4. Wil Ransome says:

    I didn’t like 23 down: only the checking letters stopped it from being RHINO, which was equally possible from the clue. It surely should have given more direction.

    And I couldn’t see why in 7 down Mordred bothered to say “initially”. In Chambers “a” is given as an abbreviation for “about”.

    What am I missing in 25 down? If you eject the odd characters you are left with the even ones and the word AMNIL.

  5. nmsindy says:

    Re Wil’s points (23 down) – I don’t think READY can be objected to unless crossing letters cannot have a role, which surely they must. There would be a problem IMHO only if you could find another word that would fit and be consistent with across entries.
    (7 down) I think Chambers is used mainly for advanced crosswords so I think it was fair to give the extra indication which was absolutely correct – while the Indy may not use the same sources, the guideline for the Times is that it must be in Concise OED or Collins.
    The point made about 25 down seems valid, and I missed that – once I saw alternate letters, I wrote in the entry.

  6. Derrick Knight says:

    Re7 down. I bothered to say initially to avoid using an abbreviation not commonly used outside advanced cryptics, for which I have been criticised, When I saw the printed version I wished I had used ‘over a’ instead of ‘initially about a’. Thank you all for your comments. They are always useful. Mordred

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