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Independent 6468/Virgilius

Posted by bensand on July 10th, 2007


I always enjoy crosswords from Virgilius and this was no exception. I can’t see a theme which is unusual for Virgilius but maybe I haven’t looked long enough!

9 GIRLFRIEND – The answer was clear once I had a few checking letters but the reasoning is tricky. Divide validate to get “Val I date”, example of a girlfriend.
10 SOAP – I had to check Joe Soap. Chambers has “one imposed on to perform unpleasant tasks” so that’s all right then
15 THISTLE – Thistledown is blown
19 CLIP ART – CL + PART around I, took me a while to get the wordplay as I was overlooking the “some”
20 MERCHANTABLE – MERCHANT and ABLE are both kinds of seamen, neatly fitting together
23 TOOK – double definition
25 SALT – (LAST)*
26 LEADING MAN – Very economical double definition
3 AT FIRST SIGHT – sounds like “at first site” although I’d have thought “at first sight” would work too for where tour guide starts?
4 ABILENE – BILE in AN E. Not sure whether it’s the Kansas one or the Texas one and perhaps it doesn’t matter. I’m going to assume the Kansas one as Wild Bill Hickok used to be marshal there
5 BANSHEE – SHE in BANE, banshees wailing are a sign of an imminent death
7 APOLITICAL – (I + I + ACT)* in A POLL. Excellent.
14 FINGER BOWL (?) – They’re provided for consumers digital input all right but I can’t see why the table’s getting a mention which makes me slightly dubious. I suppose it adds to a possible surface about data entry … maybe
21 ITEM – double definition. Another one I liked.

2 Responses to “Independent 6468/Virgilius”

  1. neildubya says:

    9A – the last one in for me. The checking letters left no doubt but it took a while to work out.

    14D – I took “table” to be the food served rather than the thing itself, which would go with the def and surface reading. Nice cryptic def I thought.

  2. nmsindy says:

    Enjoyed it, and could not see a theme – Virgilius themes are usually very clear, rather than super-subtle Ninas, but you never know…

    Val I date was a novel approach, but, totally fair, given the clue wording used – but you know Virgilius clues are going to be bullet-proof.

    Quite an easy puzzle, I thought.

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