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FT 12,507 by Satori

Posted by smiffy on 11th July 2007


A broad palette of cryptic devices at play in this puzzle, with some (e.g 14,24,25) depending as much on lateral thinking as orthodox solving mechanisms. I did think that 21 was a little de trop, though.

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All about you

Posted by neildubya on 11th July 2007


One of the advantages of moving the blog to its own domain is that I’m able to get much more information about who’s reading us. It’s amazing the stuff you can find out:

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Independent 6469/Dac

Posted by neildubya on 11th July 2007

1 IT in A,GATES – I wasted some time thinking that “a software giant” was A,MS (Microsoft) rather than A,(Bill) GATES.
9 ISLA – “I’ll”,A
12/13 ITCHY AND SCRATCHY – I’d like to know how non-Simpsons fans got on with this clue. It’s the show-within-a-show which usually appears as part of the Krusty the Klown show and is also a parody of violent cartoons like Tom and Jerry.
15 CATKIN – this would be difficult if you didn’t know 12/13A as you have to know that SCRATCHY is a cat. If you’ve got all the checking letters then that would help but it’s still tricky.
17 P,LUTON – had to guess this, although I had ?L?T?N so LUTON looked a fairly safe bet for “Bedfordshire location”. It’s an igneous rock, apparently.
18/19 (HATE MEAN CRITIQUE)* – THE QUIET AMERICAN. Haven’t seen it but I remember it coming out and I have read the book. Slightly forced anagram I thought.
21 S,CHA in US – last one to go in. Quite a tricky clue as “for example” is not an obvious definition.
23 UNI,T – another tricky one with “one” as the definition.
24 hidden in “fineST ONE Saw”
2 (LOSING MUSIC POST)* – nice anagram.
3 A in (STARTLED)* – TRADE-LAST. Another guess. With all the checking letters in it was either going to be TRADE SALT or TRADE LAST. Explained here.
8 CON,SIDE in RE,RATION – “helping” is slyly deceptive in the surface reading.
16 TOUT COURT – I’ve never heard of this before but I’ve heard other French phrases that begin TOUT so it felt like a confident guess. Wordplay is pretty straightforward too, which helped.
18 (ONES GUT)*
20 hidden in “gastRIC INfection”.
21 (MEATS)*

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