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All about you

Posted by neildubya on July 11th, 2007


One of the advantages of moving the blog to its own domain is that I’m able to get much more information about who’s reading us. It’s amazing the stuff you can find out:

86% of you are in Europe (and 80% of that number are in the UK), 6.3% are in the US, 3.4% are in Asia and 1.9% are in Australia and New Zealand. We have some readers in places that you wouldn’t immediately associate with cryptic crosswords, so a big hello to our readers in Arhus, Stuttgart, Rijswijk, Wisconsin and Illinois!

64% browse the site using Internet Explorer and 23% use Firefox. I haven’t checked the market share figures recently but it looks like you’re reflecting the growing popularity of the Mozilla browser. Safari (the Apple produced browser for Mac OS and, very recently, Windows) is used by 7% and, somewhat surprisingly, Opera is only used by 1%. I thought Opera was more popular than that. Hopefully the blog is browser-agnostic and displays pages the same (or near as possible) whatever you use.

60% of you access the site using a connection equivalent to DSL or faster and I hope that the 6% using dialup connections don’t find the site too slow to load.

38% of you have your monitors set to 1024 x 768 resolution (I’ve no idea how this is determined) but 2.5% have it set to a squint-inducing 1680 x 1050. Maybe you lot have bigger monitors than everyone one else. If you’re wondering how this piece of information could possibly be useful to me – it is. The next time I play around with the look of the blog and try out different themes I’ll know which resolutions to try it out in to see if it looks ok.

34% of you own a dog and 23% go to bed no later than 10PM – only kidding. If you’re worried that I might be able to find out more about you than you’d prefer to reveal, then I’d like to put your mind at rest. The stats I have access to are all anonymous and don’t go into any more greater detail than what I’ve already shown you.

And finally, when you visit you stay for an average of 5 minutes and lots of you visit us more than once a day. I hope you’ll continue to do so.


One Response to “All about you”

  1. Mike M. says:

    Neil – just to say a big thanks from all of us out here in www-world, for the hard work that you and the other bloggers put in to keep the site running. It’s certainly one of my favourite web places, so please keep it up!
    I’m beginning to get the hang of some of these xword thingies too…