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FT 12,507 by Satori

Posted by smiffy on July 11th, 2007


A broad palette of cryptic devices at play in this puzzle, with some (e.g 14,24,25) depending as much on lateral thinking as orthodox solving mechanisms. I did think that 21 was a little de trop, though.

1 VA(-r)NISHING POINT – a seamless combination of wordplay and definition, resulting in an admirably unrelated surface reading.
11 E in MADE LINE – another great surface, exploiting the ambiguity of “row” as a homograph.
12 SOLVE,NT – for non-Brits, “trust” here alludes to the National Trust (NT) – a body that keeps stately piles and the like shipshape and open for public viewing. 
14 THE,FT – an overly-familiar device but the first time I’ve seen it used self-referentially, as in “what’s under your nose”.
19 FLYWEIGHT – (yew)* in flight; using “box” to create, once again, a totally disparate yet smooth surface.
20 ROGUE – A pirogue is a “dugout” canoe.
25 INSTANT – “How sextant embodies former” is a literal pointer to the construction (ex in stant). Imaginative stuff.
28 AD,MIT(-t)
6 POL(ICE,C)AR – The “arctic” medley of polar and ice is a nice idea, but might be one of those that works better in theory than execution. I think Panda can be used to refer to any type of police car, although I’ve always tended to associate the term with those dinky little Ford Escort-type ones.
7 I,D(I)OT – Re: Dostoyevsky’s novel The Idiot(one of those literary classics which I will probably never get around to reading).
15 T,R,ENCHANT – A salute from Satori to those Marc Bolan die-hards out there.
19 L,EG,W(ARM)ER – I liked this &lit clue, particularly as it doesn’t strike me as an easy word to define otherwise.
19 F(ERR)O,US – If you twigged the “Irony” definition straight away then you’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din.
21 ENTITY – “Being of no value to eventuality” doesn’t work for me.  Surely there should be an acknowledgement that the subtracted letters require jumbling?
24 EIGHT – Not too tricky, but an innovative ploy. “One third of this” referring to the clue number (i.e 24/3=8)

One Response to “FT 12,507 by Satori”

  1. Testy says:

    I thought this was extremely innovative and hence unfortunately too difficult for me.

    I had to resort to various different methods of cheating but thoroughly appreciated every clue once solved.

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