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Financial Times 12499 by FALCON

Posted by neildubya on 12th July 2007

1. ANTENATAL CLINIC – cryptic def. issue=children
9. TH(e)ROW,IN
11. ELITE (hidden)
12. DEODORANT (too darned)* – good surface.
13. ETRUSCANS (runes cast)*
15. C,HAIR – ‘Hair’ is a musical about hippies.
16. DOTTY double def.
18. STEVE,DO,RE [do(h), ray, me, fah, blah, blah, blah]
23. PL,EAT
24. SPORRAN – s, r in (apron)*
25. ME,TH(AN)E
26. SHEPHERD’S LAMENT (helps mend hearts)*
1. AS THE NEED ARISES (see a dish, eastern)*
3. NEW JERSEY – how low can you go?
4. TONED (hidden) – had me staring at the next clue for a while.
5. LANGOUSTE – (sea – no glut)* – Liked the use of ‘sea’ as part of fodder.
7. NIAGARA – again<=, RA
8. CHESTER-LE-STREET – (secret letter she)* a town in Durham. Not somewhere off the Champs-Elysées.
14. A,B,STAINE(s),R
15. CLEOPATRA – (to a place)* containing R(ex)
17. TADPOLE – ‘Po Delta’ as fodder was well spotted by setter (& me).
18. OPERATE – double def.
21. NORTH – Frederick North, PM 1770-82
22. TIME,S

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Indendent on Sunday 908 by Quixote – harder than normal

Posted by nmsindy on 12th July 2007


I think Quixote commented on this site some time ago that the aim was to keep the puzzle fairly easy, but that he would put a more difficult one in from time to time. I wonder if this was one, with more tricky wordplay, but, as always, everything stacking up in the end for a very enjoyable solve.

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Independent 6470/Nestor — some of it’s Greek to me!

Posted by Colin Blackburn on 12th July 2007

Colin Blackburn.

A challenging puzzle in parts with some superb charade clues that inventively stitch together the component parts and at the same time have very good surfaces. One word was new to me and I had to check it, another clue hasn’t left me satisfied but I might be missing something.

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Guardian 24,126 – Brummie (Weird Science (see 1,9)

Posted by loonapick on 12th July 2007


Sorry for the lateness of this blog; I thought I was due to do Friday’s this week, and only realised that it was my turn when the puzzle hadn’t been blogged.  Upon checking the calendar, I realised that I was supposed to have done yesterday.  my only excuse is that this seems to be out of sync with recent weeks where I have done Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday etc so I was expecting to do Friday this week.

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Guardian 24127/Rover – holi shaman!

Posted by ilancaron on 12th July 2007


Spent longer than usual since there were quite a few clues for which I understood either the wordplay or the definition but not both. One or two is par for the course – more than that and the solving experience becomes frustrating… and a bit humiliating. Nonetheless some nice touches here: 12A, 13A. A couple of cases in which hidden clues weren’t very well – e.g. 25A, 11A.

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Financial Times 12,498 by Cincinnus

Posted by Pete Maclean on 12th July 2007

Pete Maclean.

Are you impressed with Cincinnus? I am more and more mightily impressed with Cincinnus. I find my view of various compilers being deepened and refined by the task of blogging their puzzles. What does it say about a compiler that it is a particular joy to write about his or her clues?

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