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Azed reports

Posted by petebiddlecombe on July 13th, 2007


Some of you will have noticed that we haven’t had many of these lately.  As I write this, I’m checking which of us are happy to write Azed reports.  We already have enough volunteers to produce weekly reports, though a couple more would be very welcome. So from next Sunday onwards, you can expect to see weekly reports on the previous Sunday’s Azed puzzle, including the competition ones.

If you’ve never tried Azed, this could be a good time to start, epecially if you’re at the ‘I can do broadsheet cryptics now, what’s the next challenge?’ stage. Although the vocabulary is diffcult (Chambers Dictionary is essential for an Azed beginner), the quality of the clues is consistently high.  Years ago, when the Observer had a weekly “Expert’s expert” feature, Azed was the “Crossword compiler’s crossword compiler” by a country mile.

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  1. D F Manley says:

    Great to see AZED puzzles coming on to this site. I cannot overstate how important the Torquemada/Ximenes/Azed tradition is in the history of crosswords. Azed’s clue-writing competitions offer a unique opportunity for clue-writers to learn their trade properly, and it is to be hoped that many will learn about this through this new feature and take up the challenge over the coming years!

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