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Financial Times 12506/Orense

Posted by neildubya on July 13th, 2007


I found this very straightforward and a quick solve but there were a few nice touches. Just a short review because most of the clues are reasonably self-explanatory but if anyone’s unsure of anything then leave a comment and I’ll do my best to explain.

1 STAMPED,E – straightforward but smooth sounding clue to start.
5 SMACKS – double definition.
9 POLIT(e),I,C(hange)S – nice surface reading, especially given the answer.
21 A,I,R(abie)S – I liked this one, especially “case of rabies” for RS.
24 A,LIEN – I think LIEN is often just defined as “right” by many setters so Orense is being more precise here.
25 (ITS AGREED)* – another good one, with “badly directed” an appropriate anagrind.
1 SUP,P(a)LE
2 LEG in ALE
6 MAIL-ORDER – this uses a device we see more often these days. “Mail order” might be another way of indicating “Lima”.
8 STOUT,EST – I remember enough GCSE French to know that EST is “is”.
11 BYRE – “buyer”. I originally filled in BYER, which held up 16A.
21 A,BASH,ED – “party” could also also be “do”, “lab” and “con”.

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