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Independent 6466 (7th July 2007)/Bannsider

Posted by neildubya on July 13th, 2007


I thought this was a fantastic puzzle, maybe my favourite of the year so far. Not easy though – I got the first few across clues and one or two downs fairly quickly and then got stuck. Eventually I put it down, came back to it much later and got going again almost straight away (very pleasing when that happens).

1 COLD FEET – “plates of meat” is Cockney rhyming slang for FEET.
5 LIT,ANY – quite a tough clue to parse I thought and the definition is not easy to spot.
9 W C FIELDS – the enumeration (1,1,6) is something of a giveaway but the definition is really well disguised in “Comic Relief”. If you still don’t get the joke Bannsider is implying that personal hygiene standards among the crowd at the Glastonbury festival might be less than perfect.
10 O’NEILL – or ONE ILL (which is what a patient is). Pretty tough if you’re not a football fan as Martin O’Neill is not exactly a household name (although he would have been had he been given the England manager’s job which, in this blogger’s eyes at least, he would have been perfect for).
13 GI in CARAVA(n),GO – by a spooky coincidence, the Guardian puzzle (by Shed) published on the same day as this one contained this word and an almost identical clue. I think I’ve parsed it right, but I’m not completely convinced.
15 hidden in “fOR TONy” and indicated by “Banks”.
16 VERS(e) in O,PEEL< – good clue, with a well disguised definition and a smooth reading.
17 SE(t),MAN(y),TR(y),ON – I got this from the wordplay and checking letters. I haven’t got a paper dictionary to hand where the word is defined by Google found this which explains it pretty well.
21 (A PEN BURSTS)* – ABRUPTNESS was a tough anagram to find (for me anyway).
22 ODDS – “price” is the definition. A shop selling small bras would have O (zero),DD’S.
25 (CABBI(e),ILL)* – I’m sure BIBLICAL is right but I don’t think I understand the definition: “In particular work”.
28 STAN (Laurel),DREW
2 FT,IS in LET
4 (EVEN DURING A O)* – excellent clue with a very nice surface reading.
7 AT,INGLE – had to check that INGLE was a fireplace before filling this one in.
11 JAM,SENSE<,BIT,T – fantastic clue. The surface reading (“Press wit turned part-time actor”) is wonderful, the definition well-hidden and the wordplay excellent. You could quibble over BIT,T for “part-time” but frankly, why bother? Oh, and you almost definitely know JAMES NESBITT; it’s this bloke (scroll down for the pictures).
14 I,R in (ENDS UP IN)* – deceptive because “pedestrian” is used as a noun in the clue but defined in the answer as an adjective – UNINSPIRED.
18/26 MU,(SHARPLY)*,W – another cracking clue; the surface reading is so natural sounding and yet the wordplay is perfectly fair.
20 INDY CAR(d) – “daily” is the INDY (natch).
23 L in FAN – Another good one to finish off. “Buff” is FAN (as in film-buff) and it’s nice to see L indicated by something other than learner or (much worse) student. That said “kerb crawler” is stretching things a bit to indicate a driver and is obviously there to make the surface reading work but there’s little doubt about the answer given the easy definition.

5 Responses to “Independent 6466 (7th July 2007)/Bannsider”

  1. nmsindy says:

    Yes, a super puzzle. I think you’re right about caravan = train, the older meaning of caravan perhaps. Re BIBLICAL I think “In particular work” means – (it’s) in the Bible.

  2. eimi says:

    Typically inventive wordplay and some laugh-out loud clues, but there’s also a theme – and central to it is someone connected with the setter’s pseudonym. Any offers?

  3. neildubya says:

    James Nesbitt? Starred in 1A and 18/26D. He’s from Broughshane, which might be by the River Bann?

  4. eimi says:

    He also advertised 8D, and is a supporter of both Manchester United and Coleraine FC, the Bannsiders.

  5. Bannsider says:

    I can happily report that “Zakon Merphi” is currently being shown on Ukrainian TV, dubbed of course, no doubt because of the accent :-)

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