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Everyman 3171/back in Scotland

Posted by ilancaron on July 15th, 2007


Back to Scotland again this week with Muriel SPARK. More than Everyman’s usual share of weak surfaces though: e.g. 9A, 2D, 5D, 17D. The rest are quite good though so perhaps this isn’t such a bad trawl.


9 ORMOLU – (loo, rum)*, ”rum” is fodder not the anagrind which it often is.
11 CHRONIC,L[owgrad]E – CHRONIC is “very bad” as in the slang “something chronic” sense. CHRONICLE’s our “record” (elsewhere, record is CD).
13 P(A,G[uru])AN
14 ONCE OR T,W,ICE – (coronet)*. ICE for “diamonds”.
18 BRIGHT, SPARK – two famous Brits: the first ref. John BRIGHT (Radical 19C politician) and second ref. Muriel SPARK the Scots novelist.
22 GREEN,HORN – trivia fans might want to know that GREENHORN appeared in Everyman 3162 as well.
24 GANYMEDE – (men, edgy)*.
26 END,ANGER – “nark” can mean annoy or needle thus ANGER.
27 O,BE(YE)D – lovely suggestive surface: “Complied with demands, making love with you in bed”.


1 CHOP-CHOP – good surface: def is “quickly” (must be derived from pidgin I would think).
2 LIME,RICK – RICK is a “stack” of hay.
3 COLON[y] – if you didn’t already, you now know that the COLON is Costa Rican currency.
5 A(B)IDE WITH ME – B in (The maid, I we)* and it’s a hymn (also British as it happens).
6 STOP, PRESS – in the wordplay PRESS is a “crowd” and in the def it’s a newspaper.
7 O,RANGE – our second “Fruit – “ clue (see 2D).
8 TYRANT – hidden in “parTY RAN Tanzania” with a convincing surface.
12 CUTTING EDGE – sometimes now called the “bleeding edge” which is consistent with biting your lip!
16 MAHOGANY – I didn’t know this was an “old Cornish drink” but it is according to Google and Chambers has it as “gin and treacle”.
17 SKIN,HEAD – rather weak surface (not I hope referring to his fellow Independent setter).
19 MAN,GLE=leg* – my last clue. Not hard but I wanted it to be a containment clue.
20 C(ANNE)D – Brit slang for “drunk”. “Record” this time is CD.

2 Responses to “Everyman 3171/back in Scotland”

  1. Quixote says:

    Anyone who glances at The Everyman Book of Crosswords will see that the ‘surfaces’ are pretty good.I’ve never seen a piece of utter nonsense from my Sunday colleague! Everyman is generally easy, but Ilan is being maybe a little uncharacteristically harsh on this occasion.

  2. ilancaron says:

    My phrasing was unintentionally harsh: i meant to say that typically Everyman clues have excellent surfaces indeed — thus the 3 or 4 weakish clues this week were unusual.

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