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Private Eye/Cyclops 343 – Undone

Posted by beermagnet on July 16th, 2007


I’m feeling a bit “undone” myself at the moment – a fortnight into the smoking ban and thus a fortnight into my latest attempt to forego the evil weed. How can I possibly do a crossword down the pub at lunchtime without a small cigar as well as a pint? By having another pint instead of course. So pencils are being chewed more ferociously than ever, but not so much because of this crossword, which I found relatively easy to finish once I got stuck in. There are some nice anagrams here.

1 TODGER – (GOT RED)* – I should’ve spotted this anagram on the first pass, but spent time trying to think of celebrity Richards rather than the kind of “Dick” you more normally find in the Eye Crossword.
5 TIPSTAFF – (PAST)* inside TIFF (row)
9 U[ganda]N-DO – Last one I wrote in, but would’ve committed it earlier if I had been surer of the definition at the time. I’m now happy that to “undo” an innocent is to take advantage of them, or in Eye terms “engage in Ugandan discussions”.
10 MOLLIFIED – (FILM IDOL E)* – “E” is often the drug of choice these days.
11 CEREMONIAL (CAMERON LIE)* – I bet Cyclops was pleased with that anagram.
12 S-PEW – Not Hermione’s cause but what happens if you drink too much. I didn’t intentionally start here but the clue + answer jumped out at me when I first glanced at the crossword.
13 E-(PM)< TY Remove “on” from “Tony” to get that last TY.
15 UGLY AS SIN – (USA’S LYING)* – That’s pretty ugly I guess.
19 D-RUGS – Dopes as a verb.
20 S-(RAT)< – Surely this would make more sense if it was a down clue, or am I misreading “arse given a lift” for the reversed RAT?
22 POLEMICIST – ‘EM (half of them) in (POLITICS)*
25 C(ALL A.G.H.)AN – Not sure how “high” gives H but it must.
26 [h]OUSE – Our favourite crossword river?
2 [b]OUNCE – That darn cat. I had never heard of that cat until a few months ago. Now it seems to regularly appear in crosswords.
3 GOOSE’S-(PET) (rev)
4 RAM-BO – Ref. Bo Derek
5 TALKING BULLS-HIT – This is an apt description of the contents of the Pseud’s Corner column in the Eye
6 PAISLEY – I certainly needed all of the crossing letters for this but a definite answer when you see it. Ref. the tub-thumping Rev Ian of that ilk.
8 FIDGETING – (END GIT)* in FIG (seedy fruity thing)
14 MOUSTACHE – (SUMO)* T.A. CHE – I loved the wrestling anagrind for Sumo. My favourite clue.
16 S(RT)
21 RULER – (L RUDE)* Nice surface reading but the result is one of the simpler clues here if you know Brenda = The Queen
23 MINIM “I’m” either side of N (erection finally) The empty-headed tadpole musical note.
24 (US)< SHI[t]

3 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 343 – Undone”

  1. neildubya says:

    9A had me puzzled as well. The worplay looks right but I’m unconvinced about the definition. Also agree about 20A – reads like a down clue. I thought the surface reading for 14D (Sumo wrestling volunteer militia meeting revolutionary leader…) was a bit clunky.

  2. Al Streatfield says:

    Smoking ban.

    Move to Crouch End. There’s a good pub with a beer garden, some of which is canopied, and also a lovely Italian bar/cafe which has a long row of canopied outside tables facing a walkway and garden and fountain.


  3. DS says:

    Excellent. I try to do this crossword every two weeks and have never completed it before (I’m new to this crossword lark, obviously).

    Great to see some explanations of the clues so I can finally learn. Many a time I’ve looked at the solution and been perplexed as to how Cyclops got there.

    As for 344 – I’m missing 5 words so can’t wait for the explanations :)

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