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Guardian 24132/Orlando – politicians past and present

Posted by linxit on July 18th, 2007


Solving time approx. 20 mins. Another excellent offering from Orlando, with some very subtle definitions that had me struggling in places. I particularly liked 6A (a subject close to my heart) and 7D. There were two presidential candidates in there too – one from over 200 years ago and one right up to date.

1 BURR,OWING – ref. Aaron Burr, 3rd vice-president of the US.
6 CIDER – hidden rev. in pREDICtions. Nice definition, “press release”.
10 H(1,B)ERNI,AN (Henri*)
11 EDITORSHIP (this period)* – took me a while to realise this was an anagram.
14 LETT,U(tter)C(haos)E(ventually).
15 LEO,POLD(er) – there have been three King Leopolds of Belgium.
17 RE(DUCE)D – the German retreat = DER rev.
22 KID,NAPPING – took far too long to get this.
25 UNF(fun*),AILING
26 OBAMA – well hidden in “jOB, AMAzingly”. Ref. Barack Obama. Will he be the first black president of the US?
27 S(t)E(e)L,BY – didn’t think I’d heard of it, but I remember the Selby rail crash.
28 SHEFFIELD – steel has been made there since 1740, whereas the football team was formed in 1867.

1 BRIDE – double def.
3 OUT TO LUNCH – nice cryptic definition.
7 DR,ILL – took a while to get this. I was playing around with different combinations of DR, MO, MB and GP, convinced it was going to be A,(abbreviation) inside (abbreviation). In the end quite straightforward when you parse it correctly.
18 DAIL,I.E.,S(ell) – the Dáil is the lower house of the Irish parliament.
19 FINA(G)LE – don’t know why, but I like this word!
21 OFFA,L – he of the Dyke.
24 LI(fe),L,Y

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