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FT 12513/Cinephile – south of the border

Posted by ilancaron on July 19th, 2007


(Finally showed up on the FT site — couldn’t find paper copy).

In his FT persona, Araucaria is hardly less… um… what’s the word? Challenging? Anyway, the usual breathtaking surfaces (one or two not very grammatical: e.g. 22A) and a theme and sub-theme or two. 5D was a major struggle for me (Sheridan and I know an equal amount about each other). And I really can’t work out the wordplay to 19A – unless it’s related to 5D via rival?


1 FALSE START – (lass fatter)*. Easy entry into the puzzle.
7 FI,BS – rev(SB,if) where Sb is the symbol of the element “antimony” (worked out once I saw “lies” and FIBS).
9 PERU[sal] – so if you add Sal to PERU you get something that means “reading”. Our first SA country.
10 HOT, AND, COLD – conveniently Chile is in SA and sounds like “chilly”. Not completely sure how HOT is produced though… “linked to” must be AND and the def is “inconsistent way to blow” (or just “inconsistent”).
12 O,MISSIVE – new word for me but derived from omit and makes sense.
13 PARA,GU(A)Y – another SA country: “first” here is simply the first letter, namely A.
19 BEVERLEY – I suppose since it’s in Yorkshire (I knew this because my dad was born in Hull). The wordplay? I hazard BEVER[age],LEY and that there’s a character thus named in Sheridan’s “The Rivals”?
22 TUR(N)IN,TO – questionable grammar: “Pole in Italian city has to become”.
23 RUM,PUS=”puss” – I’m sure in BEVERLEY this homophone works.
25 RUBI(KS CUB)E[s] – bucks* in RUBIE[s] – though not sure what the surface means but a very good and hard puzzle indeed!
26 COD,E – another puzzle and E is the standard drug of choice for modern setters.
27 LYRA – nice meaningful hidden &lit in “heavenLY RAdiance” (ref. the constellation).
28 NEEDLEWORK – (elder woken)*. Nice shift from one kind of “sewer” to another.


3,2 SOU,TH AME[s],RICA=”rich” – I guessed at this pretty early but haven’t had the courage to work out the wordplay: “Scene of countries with little money, an endless stream, having a lot of money in Spain”. And if you could tell me what the surface means while you’re at it. OK — just worked out the wordplay.   (This must mean that Costa Rica means “rich coast” — the things you learn).
4 SC(HOLI[est])UM – rather proud of myself for working this out and I’m not even going to look up the def which must be: “commentary on text”.
5 ANTHONY ABSOLUTE – I wanted this to be Anthony Trollope (the only one I could think of who fit) but after considerable wiki-search I encountered Sheridan’s “The Rivals” where AA is the dad. Now, let’s decode the wordplay… oh, later.
7 F,ACES,AVER – “I” in the clue refers to the answer .
8 B,OLIVIA – first country I solved. Ref. OLIVIA in “Twelfth Night”. The rest (of the countries) went rather quickly.
14 A,R(GENT,IN)A – A RA for “artist”.
18 URUG=rev(guru),U,AY – AY is archaic always, i.e. “every time”.
24 MA,CAW – I suppose a “rook’s” call could be said to be a comment. As it were.

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