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FT – setters page updated

Posted by petebiddlecombe on 20th July 2007


I’ve updated the setters page today with details about the FT setters.

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Independent 6477 / Phi Pleasant stroll

Posted by tilsit on 20th July 2007


Solving Time: 19 minutes

Another reliable enjoyable puzzle from Phi.  Nothing too taxing today, although 4 across held me up for a little while.  Not too many anagrams today, either.

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Independent 6472 (14-07-07)/Nimrod

Posted by neildubya on 20th July 2007


The first thing you noticed about this puzzle was that some of the clues were prefixed and suffixed with “(see [another clue number])…” – one clue referred to another and that one to another and so on until we got to 3/2D – so cracking that clue was the key to the theme. Luckily enough it was the first one I got and the others followed quite quickly. I couldn’t really see the point of doing this though – the theme is easy enough to spot so why bother to signpost it like this?

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Inquisitor 28/Schadenfreude – Changing Places

Posted by loonapick on 20th July 2007


There aren’t many things more satisfying than that moment when solvers of the Inquisitor or The Listener experience when the device the setter has used to complicate the puzzle reveals itself.  A light-bulb moment which is only amplified by the relief that flows over the solver who is also a blogger.

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Guardian 24134/Brendan – musical

Posted by ilancaron on 20th July 2007


I think the theme might be music since 26 clues out of 26 are related to music. Typical fine Brendanian surfaces: sensible and consistent.

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